Tuesday , October 19 2021

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Live Updates, Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Bengal Warriors: Looking at Fortunegiants | pro kabaddi league


The action was moved to Ahmedabad, and Gujarat Fortunegiants seized Bengal Warriors in the first match of the leg. The Gujarat Fortunegiants have set the best record in PKL 5 and will try to keep their stronghold, as no team has been able to beat them at home. Gujarat is now occupying the third spot in the A Region chart, which is now winning six out of eight matches. As for the Bengal Warriors, they are placed in the second end point in the B Region.

Follow the live updates of Gujarat Fortunegiants and follow Bengal Warriors –

20:45 hours from IST

Fortunegiants 10 points

A hammer blows the way Bengal looks back into the game. The Ajay Kumar raid means that the lead is now 10 points and that the game is a miraculous thing. 29-19 points

20:39 hours IST

Lead cutting

Warriors dropped Fortunegiants' victory by 10 minutes to 4 points. Bengali players need to warm up to duty. K Prapanjan, the main man for Gujarat, received good support from Parvesh Bhainswal.

20:35 hours IST

Second half starts

The second half started, and Gujarat extended its leaders. Now the score is 21-14. Bengal, the tide is the root or this match must end very quickly.

20:27 clock IST

Part time

Gujarat, who is part-time and five points ahead of the Bengal Warriors. 19-14 score. They can manage the game in the second half.

20:23 hours IST

Fortunegiants ahead

The successful raids of Dong Geon Lee result in a result, so Gujarat takes the lead. We'il close in half an hour and score 16-14.

20:21 hours IST

Warriors Driving Maninder

Maninder four points so far. Bengali's top scorer is the name of the team and thanks to him Warrior 'nin to bring out the front slightly.

20:14 hours from IST

The game continues to be tight

The game continues to be a tight relationship with a few changes. Halfway through the first half, warriors 9-8.

20:09 hours IST

Tight start

Both teams are neck and neck in exchange exchanges. The first five minutes, the score is 5-4. K Prapanjan has 3 points for Gujarat. A team work from Bengal.

20:01 hours from IST

throw away

Bengal Warriors win the shot and choose the court

19:50 hours IST


Gujarat is the third in the A Region and Bengal is the fifth in the B Region. Points are important for both sides.

19:30 hours IST

Hello and welcome

A very warm welcome to the live block of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 match between Gujarat Forunegiants and Bengal Warriors. This is the first game of the Ahmedabad leg of the tournament.

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