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President's rule enters Maharashtra political stalemate | India News

NEW DELHI: Maharashtra was at the disposal of the President amid a deadlock over government formation following parliamentary polls last month, he said on Tuesday.
Officials said the president of the Union Cabinet was at the beginning of the day the head of state proposed in the state, after Bhagat Singh Koshyari submitted a report on the matter.
President Ram Nath Kovind signed a statement under Article 356 (1), which imposed the President's administration in Maharashtra.
According to officials, the governor said that a stable government is not possible even after the announcement of the 15-day election results.
The governor has made all possible efforts, but said there is no possibility of a stable government in the state.
The BJP refused to form the government, and Shiv Sena did not receive a letter of support from the NCP and Congress. On Monday night, Koshyari asked the NCP, led by Sharad Pawar, to express its ability and ability to demand the establishment. The state government is at 8.30 on Tuesday.
In his noon report, however, the governor said on Tuesday morning the NCP needed three more days to gain the necessary support.
Officials said the governor is not in a position to give more time, as 15 days have already passed.
The governor said that he was satisfied that the governance of the state could not be made in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, and that there would be no alternative and that he was limited to sending a report on the provision of Article 356.
The governor's report was examined by the Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who decided to propose an announcement under Article 356 (1), thus imposing the administration of the President to Maharashtra and keeping the assembly in a suspended animation.
356 (1). According to Article: "The Constitution may be declared by the President if the President receives a report from the Governor of the State or otherwise, in which case it cannot be sustained in accordance with the provisions of the State Government.
(a) to accept all or any of the functions of the State Government and any or all powers conferred or exercised by the Governor or any other organ or authority other than the State's Legislature;
(b) declares that the powers of the legislative bodies of the State may be exercised under or under the authority of Parliament;
When asked if the governor's report referred to any concerns about horse trade, the authorities said there was no such "word".
If the authorities arise to establish a stable government, the President's Rule may be revoked before a six-month period.
In the parliamentary polls last month, the BJP won 105 seats, followed by Shiv Sena (56), NCP (54) and Congress (48) in the 288-member Parliament. The BJP and Shiv Sena alliance gained a comfortable majority, but the two parted ways to share power.
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