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PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch 1. "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"


The biggest Nintendo game of the year has still not come. "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" is expected to be released on December 7 for Nintendo Switch – for decades "Super Smash Bros." game franchise fight.

"Smash Bros." It's about defeating some of the most iconic characters in video game history. Sonic the Hedgehog with Mario want to want him? Or the Solid Snake to get the Mega Man? "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" is the game you expect.

Of course, without a twist I would not have a Nintendo game: "Smash Bros." In the case, this twist comes in the form of simultaneous multiplayer brawling. The fights are not head to head unless you choose them – up to eight players can fight for superiority in one round of "Smash Bros."

Even better: The latest entry in the array will be the biggest character list ever played. In reality this means Over 70 playable characters.

Check out the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" game here:

2. Xbox One / Xbox One X "Forza Horizon 4"


I realized how ridiculous the series took place between a snowstorm and a place that ran between huge trucks and completed the "Forza Horizon 4" version of the end of the first "Halo" game.

If you're interested in drag racing, "Horizon" has it. If you are interested in rally, or drift or street, "Horizon" also has all of them. "Horizon" is here for you if you want to smash gas and brakes in very nice cars.

"Forza Horizon 4" is the only access game I've ever played in a way that exceeds the line between accessibility and depth. If you have never played a game or you have a racing wheel, it includes "Horizon".

Check out the game review here.

See "Forza Horizon 4" here.

3. PlayStation 4 Pro & PlayStation 4 Pro


On paper, the resumption of "God of War" is very similar to the original series: this is a third-person action-adventure game that focuses on chic fighting.

But in reality, there are some big changes outside the bat. First, he has a son who is interested in Kratos (seen above). His name is Atreus (uh-tray-us), and the whole journey is with you.

And one of the sorrows of the journey rather than a tale of revenge: the wife of Kratos (and Atreus' mother) died, and his last wish was to release his ashes at the highest peak in the soil. Incredibly, it's a subtle refocus that first transforms Kratos into a complex, interesting character.

How he handles mourning while teaching his son's valuable lessons – while dealing with his enormous psychological baggage as the previous Greek god – raises the "God of War" from an impressive and spectacular action game to an unforgettable, meaningful game.

Check out the game review here.

Check the "God of War" here:

BONUS: This is the second big PlayStation 4 you shouldn't miss.

BONUS: This is the second big PlayStation 4 you shouldn't miss.

For owners of PlayStation 4 – over 80 million! – There's more than just one special privilege for this holiday.

In September, PlayStation 4 has a huge new game in "Marvel's Spiderman". A clever, clever open world game with the sharpest superhero of all time. The game is not only beautiful and a ton of fun, but just Available on Sony PlayStation 4.

Check out the game review here.

BONUS: "Red Dead Redemption 2", the elephant in the room.


Let's not make fun of ourselves: Aside from the special games, "Red Dead Redemption 2" is the biggest game in 2018.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also available, so it's not "gaming" to get any console. However, it is an excellent game that will be worth your time.

You have already heard of the lucidity of the positive evaluations of chances, critics and / or the ongoing marketing attack. What you hear is true: True, true good.

Check out the game review here.

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