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Od Unhappy, but resigned:: Ayodhya's decision & # 39; justice & # 39; Sunni leaders in Mumbai, he says; scholars say he can't trust a court that supports in faith in rights ”

Unhappy, but he resigned. Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid After the verdict on the Ayodhya case, this was the mood of three prominent Sunni leaders and Islamic scholars in Mumbai. They felt the highest court had disappointed them.

Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi, president of the Mumya's Markazul Ma'arif Education and Research Center, which teaches that the Mummy graduated from English and communication technologies, said, "The Supreme Court is after the entire Supreme Court." this decision, which I read in full, seems to have taken the faith as the basis for their decision. ”

Mevlana said the court could not prove the Muslim side's right to participate in the land, but said that Nirmohi Akhara rejected the case and rejected Asthan Sri Ram Janmabhoomi as a legal entity. “Then he continues to know Ram Lalla and allow the temple to be built!”

“This is not justice,” he said, and said: “This is a kind of arbitration, an attempt to cool down by recognizing the majority feelings of the atmosphere. I am not happy as an ordinary Indian citizen and a Muslim scholar. "

    Unhappy, but resigned: Ayodhya's decision is not justice, Sunni leaders in Mumbai; scholars say he can't trust a court that supports faith in the rights

The Supreme Court decided to give the controversial land to the Ram Janmabhoomi Foundation. Getty Images

For Maulana Shoaib Koti, a member of Dar-ul-Qaza, run by the Iqra Foundation, the worrying part of the decision was the devaluation of what was always considered important in a property dispute. Iz We have all the necessary documents to support our claims that the Hindu side does not want. However, our request was denied. What will be the value of the documents in the future? ”He asked.

An important part of the decision was to give five acres to the Sunni Foundation Board for the construction of a mosque in Aynihya. The verdict stated that Muslims did not give up the Babri Masjid, but in 1949 they were deprived of their illegal acts after their destruction in 1992 after disrespect (smuggling idols). He said these mistakes should be corrected.

But that meant nothing to these leaders. Lana We are still capable of building a mosque anywhere in India by God's grace, Mev said Mevlana Syed Ather Ali, a member of the All India Personal Law Board and All India Majlis e Mushawarat board member. Için For us, the location of the Masjid Babri is important. In Sharia, the masjid is always a masjid. It is not only a structure, but also the land on which it stands. Because we can't build a mosque. Like we did in another building. There are rules for this, and when a mosque is built, it remains for eternity. We don't even have the right to give it to her. "

What about shifting the windows for road widening? Aykırı If it has been done, it's against the Sharia, ”he said. Olabilir Something may have happened, but that doesn't mean we accept it. ”

Mevlana stated that the Supreme Court made it clear that the structure under the land where the Masjid Babri was located was not a temple. However, they have promised a site for the construction of a temple.

"Giving land in exchange for controversial land is not the highest court of the country, but what a village panchayat does. In any case, the Foundation's land cannot be changed or even taken away. If someone takes it from us, nothing will happen. He fought 68 years for a five-acre plot! The Court of Cassation had to decide the dispute on the basis of evidence and constitutional principles. ”

Disappointment was evident, but he made it clear that they accepted all three Mevlana resolutions. Mevlana Ather Ali said, "One property case should turn one party in favor and stand against another." Nar Naturally, the loser will be disappointed, Başbakan he said of the top BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Only the winners can say: "This is not one's victory and no one's loss."

"However, we have already declared that we will accept the decision according to the interests of peace in front of the decision. You see, there was no event anywhere. Now it is up to the government to see that peace is achieved." Maulana added.

When asked how the Ayodhya verdict influenced his belief in the Supreme Court, Mevlana Qasmi said, "The five Supreme Courts said unanimously that they decided on the basis of faith, not on the right. What do you say? Hayat You acknowledge that we are slapped and ignore our demands. Life will continue, but that is not what we expect from the Supreme Court. ”

“Did Allahabad's 2010 order (which divides the controversial land into three parts) did not previously ruin our belief in the courts? Maulana Koti asked. “This does not give us even one-third of the privilege of the order.”

The knowledge of Islamic education and law made an important point. “Already, the foundations of democracy are under pressure, whether the media or the administration. Everything else was judgment. Now it seems to me that senior leaders who object to accepting the decision and those who object to saying no appear to me. the celebrations already knew what the decision would be. "

Koti said the decision is not only limited to the country. “Okay, we've already committed to accepting this decision without protesting. But is the whole world stupid? Is the message sent internationally? ”

"The majority are satisfied with this decision. This is the mentality of today's country.

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