Saturday , July 31 2021

Infra support for Varanasi! To devote the PM Modi, two roads and one internal waterways terminal; details here

varanasi The total length of the motorways built at R 1571.95 crore is 34 km. (image: Narendra Modi and PIB India Twitter)

Great day to Varanasi! Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who supports the country's overall infrastructure sector, is now preparing to devote two major national roads in Varanasi to the country. The total length of the motorways built at R 1571.95 crore is 34 km. One of these two major infrastructure projects is the Varanasi Ring Road-I, which is 16.55 km long, and the Babatput-Varanasi road which is 17.25 km long on the NH-56. The Varanasi Ring Road Phase-I project was completed at a cost of 759.36 crore, while the Babatput-Varanasi road project was completed at a cost of Rs 812.59 crore.

It will be better connected to Varanasi Airport with the start of the Babatpur Airport highway. The motorway will then go to Jaunpur, Sultanpur and Lucknow. Thus, the travel time from Varanasi to the airport will be reduced by a bridge in Harhua and a ROB in Tarna, and will provide great relief to the city and visitors as well as to the Varanasi people.

The Varanasi Ring Road, along with two ROBs and a bridge, will provide a way for the NH 56 (Lucknow-Varanasi), NH 29 (Gorakhpur-Varanasi), NH 233 (Azamgarh-Varanasi) and Ayodhya-Varanasi motorways to bypass the city. . Therefore, it will minimize traffic congestion in Varanasi. In addition, travel time, fuel usage and pollution in the area will be reduced. Interestingly, it will provide easier access to Sarnath, an important place of the Buddhist pilgrimage. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, these two projects will increase employment opportunities and lead to the development of small and medium-sized industries. In addition, the projects will support the economic development in the region.

Currently there are 2833 km of NH projects to link Varanasi to other locations in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Fifteen of these projects are 1143 km long and are under various construction stages including Varanasi-Sultanpur, Varanasi-Jaunpur, Varanasi Ghaghra Bridge, Varanasi-Azamgarh, Sultanpur-Lucknow. These road projects are likely to be spent at Rs 3,0227 crore. Apart from these highways, there are 7 target projects with a total length of 235 km and Rupees 8,265. In addition, there are twenty projects in the DPR scene to build a road of 1455 km at a cost of 25 thousand 323 crore.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister will devote an internal waterway terminal to the island on the Ganga River in Varanasi. The project is the first of four multi-mode terminal projects built on the NW-I as part of the Jal Marg Vikas project of the Indian Inland Waterways Authority, supported by the World Bank. According to the Ministry, the terminal will provide commercial navigation of vessels with a capacity of 1500-2,000 DWT on the Ganga River. It will also receive the first container shipment (post-independence) on the domestic container ship in India, including the food and beverage company Pepsico.

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