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Great Everton defense dilemma solved

Marco Silva has a defense dilemma to solve.

It has three international forms. But if it doesn't change the system from the beginning, there are only two places to fill.

Is the Keane and Zouma axis seem so promising until the French face the main club on Sunday?

Keane and Mina, who played for the first time on Sunday, was the first defense to stop Chelsea's scoring in Stamford Bridge this season?

Give Mina and Zouma the opportunity to create a new defense platform, and even play all three in a winged system?

We asked our Everton writers what they thought was the best way – and these were their results.

David Prentice – Keane and Mina

Kevin Richardson was a very, very good midfielder.

But Kevin Sheedy is extraordinary.

Although Richardson was good enough to win a league title with Arsenal, captain Aston Villa continued to run in the Premier League, moving the same team to the League Cup victory and played for England, never breaking a permanent place in Everton. midfield

Sheedy was wounded in March 1985 when Sheedy scored two major games and Sheedy recovered for the next match.

Everton won the league this season, strengthening the argument that you should always play your strongest XI.

Michael Keane was in Everton's most powerful XI because he misplaced the season wrongly (”hardly (because he managed to combine two slider rules on Sunday instead of touching the feet of Seamus Coleman).

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Central background Blues

Kurt Zouma was perfect this season, but Yerry Mina made his Everton career an impeccable start to the most improbable test environment. Michael established a solid partnership with Keane and the opposition jumped several times in the penalty area (he collected more than a bar in six meters!)

Keane and Mina were part of a defense that was the first to fuel Chelsea's strike in Stamford Bridge this season. And this season is my choice to continue.

Sam Carroll – Mina and Zouma

Marco Silva, as he recently agreed, does not want to have a five-seater form in Goodison Park in order to comply with the defense options in this line.

Yes that is right.

Phil Jagielka and Mason Holgate, who came out as a central partner in the background of Sterling by Michael Keane and Kurt Zouma complimented by great steps, Everton played a more important role in their careers than ever before.

"The biggest call of Marco Silva is reigning so far"

But Marco's reign has to make the biggest call to date so he can resist his will to change his form.

Moving to a five-person form would mean a forward tactical change, and this is the most striking thing Everton has been looking at in Chelsea for years, despite a blank shot.

In short, Blues are not able to fix things that are not broken.

Everton began to make progress in his current form.

There's no point in clearing the trail now.

It's going to be hard, and I certainly won't want to tell you anything about Keane, Mina or Zouma, but despite some amazing advances, the old Burnley man would have to wait behind the duo.

The future of Zouma in his club is not the best, and as far as available evidence is concerned, Keane may still have a long and successful career in Goodison Park.

For now, but Silva should go with the best partner available.

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Who's back in Everton?

Chris Beesley – Mina and Keane

A pleasant headache for Everton is that he manages Marco Silva along with three players competing for the backyard berths, and in fact, any of these options come to work.

Recently – especially in the last period – Blues bosses often had to try to find two players who were actually in shape, so one of them had to leave a luxury. And that's what Silva should do – there's no point in dealing with the system and facing three people in the back.

"Up to the offer to make a brutal call"

Everton's sides have rarely replaced such a formation. Therefore, he refrains from making a brutal call, something that he has shown to be willing to quit Jonjoe Kenny and Tom Davies with the release of Seamus Coleman and Andre Gomes.

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Michael Keane and Kurt Zouma formed an effective new partnership in the first weeks of the campaign, but now Yerry Mina has arrived and has shown that the Premier League can compete with the best.

After a promising start at Stamford Bridge, I'll leave credit card Zouma to show him and Keane will be training for Cardiff City game and train him on the road that he can push back.

Adam Jones – Mina and Keane

If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Unfortunately, Marco Silva was forced to change XI for the match against Chelsea and had to drop a player in Kurt Zouma.

Yerry Mina was involved in the debut of the first Premier League in Stamford Bridge and performed very well.

In particular, seeing how relaxed the former Barcelona man felt was very impressive when he had completed 91% of his passages in 90 minutes.

And so, Silva is now facing a dilemma.

Michael Keane was a revelation this season, and in a fantastic form, the pair that came with Zouma was a very well completed pair of each other.

"Three in the back, no problem"

However, Mina & # 39; s first match with a clean page, together with the partnership of Silva has to be a partner.

There have been some questions about three different systems in succession regarding a possible change in Figure 3, but this means moving a player further and limiting these spectacular attack options.

Except for this.

Sunday's match was the third in which the Blues had managed to keep their opponents out of scoring, and the only way to ensure that Mina fulfilled the game is to actually play games.

Zouma is also only on credit, so priority is to prioritize Everton's permanent players in such situations.

In any case, Silva is certainly a welcome dilemma for the time being – especially given the injuries and delays that Blues had to deal with at the beginning of this term.

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