Sunday , October 17 2021

Friction occurs between two hosps on swine flu | Visakhapatnam News


Visakhapatnam: There seems to be a struggle between two state hospitals to treat swine flu cases. The authorities of the King George Hospital (KGH) complain that the State Hospital for Chest and Infectious Diseases is reluctant to keep swine flu cases with other comorbidities (with other health disorders associated with the primary disease) and insists on treating patients. As with super experts to handle such complex cases.

On the other hand, CRF is concerned that highly infectious swine flu cases can lead to an outbreak of H1N1, as the 1,300-bed hospital is always overcrowded with patients both indoors and outdoors and their staff. Instead, the KGH officials assured their colleagues at the Chest Hospital to send their specialists when it was necessary to treat comorbid diseases. Technically, the Chest Hospital of the government, equipped with quarantine wards, is better suited for treating swine flu cases.

Yaz I will write to the director of medical education on this. The treatment of highly contagious diseases such as swine flu requires a facility owned by the Chest Hospital of quarantine wards, which have no relation with other hospitals. Even if we have swine flu and beds for this type of fever, it would be risky to participate in the treatment of thousands of non-infectious diseases. "

Uz We are currently treating pregnant women and children with swine flu. But for other regular pork chimneys, Chest Hospital hospitals are more suitable for the treatment of infectious and infectious diseases. It has the necessary infrastructure and equipment including fans. We send our super-specialists, anesthesiologists, and PGs to the Chest Hospital when there are cases of swine flu with comorbid conditions such as kidney or heart problems or diabetes. Arjuna, despite all these human resources mobilization, said he did not want to take cases of complex swine flu and did not want us to treat comorbid conditions. "Said.

But the chief of the Government Chest Hospital is Dr. . There is no misunderstanding between the two hospitals. We manage cases of swine flu and the help of the KGH super-specialists. Patients with concomitant diseases require the attention of super-experts; we cannot do it on our own, and therefore we may need the support of the CGG. Also, for the last two days, there are no swine flu patients currently being treated in our hospital. "

The KGH supervisor found that there is no room for the construction of a separate quarantine block for swine flu infectious diseases. . If we maintain all respiratory and communicable diseases here, there will be a high risk of outbreaks if there are concomitant diseases from other regions and private hospitals that come to us. We also do laboratory tests for swine flu verification. Arjuna, ensure that all these complex cases are treated only at the designated Chest Hospital. Arj

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