Friday , November 27 2020

Disappointed Shishir Hattangadi said the report on Rahul Johri disrespected those dismissed.

BCCI President Rahul Johri was released after charges of sexual harassment in Mumbai on Wednesday by a three-member investigative commission. (Source: PTI)

CEO of BCC Shishir Hattangadi, one of the people in front of the investigation panel rejecting sexual accusations against Rahul Johri, called his findings in the victim B. Lar He is insulting the prominent people, arguing that his malafid is destructive and malevolent. There are two things in this. I'm not here to judge people, but if some people come forward and collapse, they respect their savings. The victim is embarrassed, adi says Hattangadi, The Indian Express. Hattangadi was dismissed after claiming that his friend was abused by Johri.

The panel did not accept that Johri was not innocent in his assessment. Two members, Rakesh Sharma and Barkha Singh, have denied the allegations, while third member Veena Gowda questioned the behavior of Johri and advised her to take arı gender sensitivity counseling İki. Hattangadi argues that the differences between panel members are “something wrong Hatt. M There are questions to ask. And I don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that there's something for this olduğun The most dominant one was Veena Gowda. So after the investigation, I told the public that I was happy to be asked questions, and because Veena Gowda was actually attached to a briefing, she was pushing the boundaries of my participation. Veena Gowda was the one who asked the relevant questions. "

Hattangadi's critique is that the head of the panel is not clearing the claims of Justice (retd) Rakesh Sharma to Johri, the accusations are & wrong, unfounded and manufactured, and Mr. Rahul is open to harm The reason came after he called di produced di. Another panel member, Barkha Singh, sought Başka motivated and manufactured ha claims.

However, the third member, Veena Gowda, described the behavior as di unprofessional and inappropriate Ancak and suggested davranış gender sensitivity counseling Ancak.

Hattangadi described the differences in the findings of the three-member probe panel as "frustrating" and disappointing.

. If a person says you need help, you need counseling and you don't bother a CEO, and the two people give the opposite opinion, they talk about the dilemma of an investigation, and this is for me to question the wisdom of people. If two people say they are a pope and say they should stay in the Vatican and if a person says that he should go to the counselor, you will judge yourself. They're not just different pages, they're different books, and I get angry. . I'm disappointed with the dilemma of the probe between three people, Hatt he says.

In his findings, Sharma wrote that the complaints against Johri were baseless and naughty. Asıl These crazy, liars, unprocessed, unfounded complaints, e-mail, tweets, etc. against Rahul Johri. There should be no negative impact on social media. Sosyal

In his findings Barkha Singh, the former head of the Women's Commission, made a similar line. Tır For me, such motivated and fabricated claims will reduce the status of women and their job opportunities. Such complaints will have a negative impact on the struggle for equality for women, ik he wrote.

Gelince As for Gowda, G he said. N The behavior of Rahul Johri as an CEO of an institution such as BCCI in Birmingham will be negatively affected by the relevant authorities. it is important to have a kind of gender sensitivity counseling / training. l

Not a clean pit for Johri: BCCI image

New Delhi: The treasure of BCCI Anirudh Chaudhry said that the panel's findings should not be seen as Rahul Johri's h clean track Yeni. He suggested one of the panelists, Veena Gowda, who gave the opposite insight to verify his position. Değil This is not a clean tool because it is spread by a part of the authorities. Ms. Veena Gowda, a member of the Investigative Committee, said the CEO of an institution such as BCCI said, een As the water, Mr. He observed that the Behavior of Rahul Johri was professional and inappropriate and could be seen in the same way that could adversely affect his dignity. & Chaudhry told The Indian Express.

To challenge the vermatic probe report

Kolkata: Aditya Verma, the plaintiff at the IPL headquarters in 2013, urges the tribunal to force the decision of the independent committee to decide on Rahul Johri. At the end of his petition, Verma, who led the Lodha reforms in BCCI, said his lawyer would open the matter before the Supreme Court during the trial on 27 November. Orum Yes, I appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. Verma, referring to the recommendations of Veena Gowda (independent committee member) and what she says is also Diana Edulji (a member of the Executives Committee)) It was a separated decision, 2-1 (on an independent committee), Ver he said.

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