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Delhi accident: Delhi: Drunk woman loses control of the car, ceases to kill 1 | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Drunk driving captured another life in the capital on Friday night and left a young girl with brain damage and possible loss of vision. 38-year-old Poonam Sardana was killed and her daughter Chetanaya 13 was seriously injured when a Maruti S-Cross, named Mahindra Quanto, was ramped up by a 22-year-old woman with her. Friend. The woman, allegedly heavily drunk, lost control of her car and jumped on a divider on the Punjabi Bagh cliff at around 11:30 am before it hit three cars.

Eyewitnesses told the police about the effect Maruti SCross turned his tortoise on. The woman in the wheel, 22-year-old Shivani Malik and her friend Damini miraculously escaped with minor injuries. They told the police that they went to a bar in Connaught Place and went to a restaurant in Gurgaon with two young people.

Shivani was initially released by IO after death due to negligence (304A IPC) and negligent driving (279 IPC). After organizing a protest in Sardanas, the police returned to the hospital and returned to a hospital where they had accepted departments. IO has also changed.

DCP (Western) Monika Bhardwaj, under the IPC division of 304A, said that the murder attempt that led to the death of the 304A IPC due to negligence was recorded against Shivani. The car was hired. Ası We found him drunk and reserved him to get drunk under MV's Law,. Said Bhardwaj.

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The nephew of Vimal Sardana, Vaibhav (11), fled with minor injuries but his cousin Chetanaya was seriously injured.

Senior officers revealed that Shivani's medical examination was 200 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. His friend was also found to be very drunk. When Sardis's wife, Vimal's wife, family, and six-year-old son – younger brother Sudhir and his wife's wife, Adarsh ​​Nagar, returned to their home, the world of Sardanas reversed. and his 11-year-old son, Vaibhav. Sardana said Poonam was on the seat behind the driver and Chetanaya was sitting behind the seat. Üm I saw that the SCross was swinging the other car road at high speed. Suddenly, he jumped on the divisor, he crashed into my car and then slammed into another vehicle. Birden Under the influence of the collision, Quanto returned several times. . When he stopped, I found my wife and daughter unconsciously and the others wounded. Somehow I wasn't hurt. Passersby, meanwhile, caught the woman driving the car, Bu he said.

The drivers of the other two cars – a Wagon R and another S-Cross – were hit with scratches, even though they were damaged.

Vimal's brother took out Sudhir Poonam and Chetanaya and took him to a private hospital in Shalimar Bagh, where the dead were revealed on Poonam's arrival. Edi Doctors have said that Chetanaya has suffered serious injuries to his brain and that his face is badly damaged. They fear he may lose his sight, ü said a broken Sardana. The family decided to donate the eyes of Poonam to Chetanaya if such a situation arose.

According to the police, Shivani is a resident of Mohan Nagar in Ghaziabad and works in a famous hall in Noida. The car was registered in the name of his mother Reena Malik and was taken a year back. The police approached UP police to verify his license and registration documents for the car.

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