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Custody of Carlos Ghosn expands as the crisis deepens in Nissan

Carlos Ghosn rescued Nissan from the crash and Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. brought with. Photo: Bloomberg

Carlos Ghosn rescued Nissan from the crash and Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. brought with. Photo: Bloomberg

Tokyo: On Wednesday, Japanese authorities extended the detention of Nissan president Carlos Ghosn for 10 days. It turned out that the car giant could be blamed on charges of abuse of financial duty, which had once lowered its beloved leader.

On Monday, the stunning arrest of the millionaire autocont, which is credited around the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Motors alliance, sent a shock wave to the global auto industry, corporate Japan and beyond.

On Wednesday, some media reported that the Tokyo district court, a 64-year-old Brazil-born businessman, has been arrested for 10 years, saying that Ghosn's package has reportedly weighed as little as five billion yen. $ 44.5 million.

48 hours after the prosecutor's arrest, they were required to extend the 10-day detention period in order to make official accusations, release them or continue investigations.

The car industry is kept in a detention center in northern Tokyo under the distant conditions of its flamboyant lifestyle. In principle, attorney Ayano Kanezuka told AFP, di In principle, it will remain alone in a cell Av.

Var You have everything you need, there is heating, a bed, but the conditions are spartan, var said Lionel Vincent, who said Kanezuka would be the inner courtyard with bars.

As Asahi Shimbun said the prosecutor believes the firm should respond, the crisis seemed to worsen bad for Nissan. Both Nissan and the authorities have refused to comment.

On Thursday, Nissan's executive board will make him a seductive withdrawal decision for a once respected manager who has created a three-way alliance selling more cars from other car manufacturers worldwide.

Ghosn's fate, after his defeated defeat, appears sealed after CEO Sedat Saikawa initiated a seductive defeat by saying that his mentor was based on the; dark side of the Ghosn era otorite by the hands of ine too many authorities Gh.

Saikawa refused to offer a deep # apology publication, ın which accompanied company scandals in Japan, and played the role that Ghosn personally played in reviving the company's fortunes.

However, in France, Renault said that as general manager, Thierry Bollore served as chief executive with the fallen manager, despite the fact that yetkil temporarily handicapped olarak Ghosn, who was appointed as CEO & # 39; water, delivered 39 the same powers Ancak. .

After an emergency meeting, Renault urged sister company Nissan to share "the evidence" gathered against Ghosn from the one-month internal investigation, and said he could not comment on the charges without this information.

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The finance ministers of the two countries, Paris and Tokyo, are trying to prevent the fall from being arrested, saying they offer strong support for "one of the greatest symbols of Franco-Japanese industrial co-operation".

Scandal – a string affecting Japan 's latest – erased millions of dollars from the stock value of the three companies, but Nissan returned marginally at the opening of the Tokyo trade, showing a nearly half a percentage increase in a falling market.

And Ghosn got some support in Tokyo's street. In recent days, Yoshioki Watanabe said to AFP: lar I think they can do what the Japanese do, get stuck in our way or not. Geç

Ghosn was once a corporate and even popular lover of Japan – he even had a manga comic book inspired by him – and since 1999 he has been glueing auto-binding together.

He was renowned as a workaholic and won the nickname şirket Le Cost Cutter ve in France for his repercussion and burning approach to the company's restructuring.

Under his direction, Nissan and Renault were hugging deeply. Renault has 43% of the Nissan brand, while the Japanese company has a 15% stake in Renault.

Nissan became the most important player of the alliance, but compared to Renault's 59 billion euros ($ 67 billion), it sold 12 trillion yen ($ 106 billion) last year.

According to the Financial Times, Ghosn was working on the coming together of two car manufacturers. Nissan was opposed to fearing the Japanese company would be reduced to a secondary role.

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Jeff Kingston, the Director of Asian Studies in Temple University of Japan, told AFP that Ghosn was "a victim of his own arrogance and success".

"He breached Japanese cultural norms in glitzy ways and led to tremendous compensation jealousy and invited retaliation," he told AFP.

In the local press, it reported that Greg Kelly, the representative of Nissan, who was arrested along with Ghosn, ordered the other managers to "keep the salaries."

Although it is unclear how the plan works, it is reported that some compensation from other managers will go to Ghosn.

The public broadcaster NHK reported that Nissan has paid ın very large amounts “to provide luxury homes in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam without the, legitimate business“ of Ghosn.

Even when its style was sky-high, along with the traditional Japanese corporate culture and salary, it attracted criticism for a flamboyant lifestyle that last year totaled about 13m euros.

The media reports also talked about the second wedding of Ghosn in 2016, a party with a generous Marie Antoinette theme in the majestic palace of Versailles.

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