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Confused in the Hindutva and baffled by how he would fight the BJP, Congress Sabarimala sent mixed signals to Tipu Jayanti


CBI-vs-CBI and RBI-vs-government, Rafale missed all the attention on the deal and in the middle of crying, the quiet development deserves attention. Rahul Gandhi adapted the soft Hindutva to a slightly harder variety.

President of Congress Rahul Gandhi. Twitter / @ INCIndia

President of Congress Rahul Gandhi. Twitter / @ INCIndia

What started as a relatively harmless temple by Gandhi in last year's Gujarat Assembly elections became a fierce appeal to rescue unmanned Madhya Pradesh, who would go to the polls on November 28th. Congress's election manifesto only for the state gaushalas Each panchayatta (cow shelters) also includes commercial production of cow urine and cow dung.

The congress also promises to develop the "Ram Van Gaman Road", which Lord Ram received during his exile. This was a project in which the state's BJP government acted in 2007 but never met.

The president of the Congress appeared to have a more difficult version if the soft Hindutva did not vote enough. The congress missed his promises to the Madhya Pradesh manifest, hoping he could ignore the rooftops. In addition, a BJP leader's & # 39; Starting with or & # 39; w & # 39; It is noteworthy that there is not any tantrum from the ı intellectuals “with the left-leaning lar intellectuals rum who always set Twitter on fire.

If the convention comes to power, Madhya Pradesh can house more refuge for people than primary health centers, but never mind it. The congress only breaks the BJP into ties to Hindu, but wants to do the same and still wants us to believe it is secularism. Not like that. He wants to take the cake and eat it.

But Congress has a problem doing all this. Rahul forgot to remind of his circulation in Karnataka and said that Madhya Pradesh had a parliamentary election and hoped to win Hindu votes and thus needed a cow.

They had their memory needed to do the jogging. Because Congress President Madhya Pradesh was famous for engaging Hindus in Madhya Pradesh, while his party's light in Karnataka comforted Muslims by celebrating Tipu Jayanti. You can argue that a political party, together with both Hindus and Muslims, can carry out people of any faith separately, but this is clearly not the Hindutva of BJP, which is what Congress is trying to oppose.

But as he tries to save his party from the BJP's Hindutva attack, Rahul himself suffers from the attacks of his amnesia. When he decided to educate the country with his thoughts on the Sabarimala debate, he forgot what he was trying to do in Madhya Pradesh. He said: daki My personal view of the temple of Sabarimala is that men and women are equal. All women must be allowed to enter the temple. "

And her gib personal view “is like the case in the green saffron, unlike the party official in Kerala. Congress in Kerala competes with BJP yatras The Supreme Court of 28 September rejected the decision of women of all ages to enter the tomb of Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala. Like BJP, Congress also welcomed the decision to review the court's decision on 13 November.

The confrontation proves only one thing in Congress: The party is confident that the BJP should give an answer to Hindutva, but it is amazed how it will be done. The absence of well thought-out strategies leads to band-aid solutions. What did Rahul do last year: jump from temple to temple real Hindu. Nobody apparently said that BJP leaders did not go to temples on Twitter and did not send pictures. Hindutva is their fundamental ideology.

Critics, after having fun in Rahul's temple on TV darshans In May 2017, in the parliamentary elections in Gujarat, and in May 2018, in Karnataka and in November 2018, it seemed that he agreed that the soft Hindutva could never be matched by the hard variety of BJP. . Thus, on the 31st of August, Kailash began a 12-day gün religious and spiritual journey ”to Mansarovar and announced to the world:

This discovery of Gandhi seemed to be a more logical alternative to Darwin's universe theories than a surprisingly religious epiphany. And it began to appear more like a rooster-a-gang foreigner traveler, the splendor of the trans-Himalayan heights, rather than a glorious devotee of a Christian procession.

Can copy-work cat Hindutva?

The Mansarovar trek may have strengthened the Rahul's physics, but it may not have shown any evidence of a political collapse. Tired of the soft Hindutva, she decided to gradually overthrow BJP's same agenda, which Congress opposed. It is doubtful if Hindu voters in Madhya Pradesh abandoned the BJP to the deserts to support the Congress, but Rahul has no desire to be accused of trial if the party is lost.

In the business world, good companies not only imitate, but even accept it as an unavoidable risk and continue to innovate. Consumers can often say the counterfeit product is real. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah know that the BJP's monopoly on Hindutva is well-known for being captured by the opponents and knows how to deal with new ideas. What Rahul doesn't know is that although the benefit of the choice of the Fake Hindutva is suspicious, it may even lead to confusion among people who have supported the party and who oppose BJP.

Sabarimala confusion

Congress leaders in Kerala ”clarified; that despite the personal view of all women supporting the entry into the Ayyappa temple, Gandhi gave the görüş permission üne to counter the same thing with the state agency. Ramesh Chennithala, a senior leader, said that there was no ”confusion ad about it in the congress, but this is exactly the confusion among people.

Unlike this confusion, the BJP knows where it stands with sharp, clear sharpness. The stand of the Congress, which says that the Supreme Court 39 cannot give orders that cannot be traced stand, even if it is suspicious, is a comedy table, compared to the Shah's challenger.

Reading people of both Kerala and Madhya Pradesh cannot be unaware of the Convention, which is clearly understood from reports released from Karnataka about Tipu Jayanti.

Tipu Jayanti fiasco

For three years since 2015, the administration of the Siddaramaiah government celebrated Tipu's birthday as part of his design to create Muslims as part of his elaborately nurtured design.

Although the 18th century ruler was left to historians to fight against the British or to turn to Hinduism, or to kill and kill the Hindu, and to decide and decide, it turned into a common matter and BJP led to capture. For Karnataka, it is a matter of life and death to alleviate poverty.

Although the Congress lost the elections, this party's coalition government and Janata Dal (secular) continued this year to Tipu Jayanti, but in a low key. The former head of the JD (S) head, HD Kumaraswamy, who opposed this, has made himself scarce by saying he is sick and needs to be listened to in a resort. The Deputy Attorney General G Parameshwara did not become a lady, but many Congress leaders, even with the paganism of the party, shamed Tipu if she were still alive.

If the Congress detained Muslims in Karnataka, the detainment of the Muslims (se), Angus pissed off some of its partners in UDF in Kerala. And the mixed bag laicism of the party has to send confusing signals to both Hindus and minorities elsewhere in India.

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