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Avni, Maneka Gandhi and Maharashtra ordered to kill CM Sack minister CM | india news


On Tuesday, the women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi, demanded the dismissal of lawyer Avni, who has demanded the dismissal of Devyrra Fadnavis, Maharashtra's envoy, and the environment and forest of Sudhir Mungatiwar. People in the last two years.

Tigress Avni, killed in Yavatmal, Maharashtra on Friday, survived two 10-month-old puppies. A sniper Shafat Ali Khan was hired to hunt him down.

Karşı While the reasons for the killing have been examined in an administrative manner, you should be sensitive to the public you know. I ask you to correct Gandhi's responsibility for illegal killing and dismiss Shri Mugantiwar from his position as minister of the forest and environment in the state government, # wrote Gandhi.

Or Because the ministers must demonstrate the highest standards of sensitivity to the electoral districts we serve, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry definitely fails in its mission if they resort to the killing of animals instead of protecting them. This is like the WCD minister working for child traffickers, tac he wrote.

This, the WCD minister, was shot a second time on the subject in Mungatiwar. On Sunday, a series of tweets, Gandhi opened fire on the government of Maharashtra, because of opposition from a number of stakeholders, giving orders to kill him.

During the last two months he wrote that he had contacted Mungatiwar in the letter of the union, he repeatedly said that the tiger had been calmed and asked to be quarantined. Iy But for an inexplicable reason, Shri Mungatiwar repeatedly invites Sharas Ali Khan to kill animals in Maharashtra. When a killing took place, I always challenged you very strongly, Bir he wrote.

Earlier on Sunday, Gandhi said Mugantiwar ordered to kill, despite repeated demands from the forest department and people from all over India. Çevre This is the third tiger killed in terms of the environment and the minister of the forest. Earlier, a dozen leopards and 300 wild boars were killed in his direction. I was shocked that such a person would continue to serve as the ministry. Böyle

First Publication Date: 06 November 2018 15:14 IST

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