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Arvind Kejriwal, Chilli Powder Was Thrown to Delhi CM

New Delhi: On Tuesday night, the Delhi police arrested a man allegedly throwing pepper powder in prime Arvind Kejriwal, saying that hours later he might have fallen and the attack could be unintentional.

506 (punishment of criminal punishment) against Anil Kumar;

Authorities, after conducting a preliminary investigation of an unbelievable crime was done, he said. They told him that he had been interrogated by a special intelligence agency, a special cell and local police teams for threatening the CM.
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In the evening, Aam Aadmi Party opened fire in Delhi Police, claiming that pepper powder might have fallen off the hand of the attacker.
Delhi Police said that he had met CM in order to share complaints. , She extended a note to CM and touched her feet, and the pepper powder fell out of her hand. The probe decided whether an attack or dust had flown unintentionally, zu said the statement, adding that despite an alarming video, Kumar was trying to stain the dust on his face in Delhi.

Seeking to be edi extremely shocking yalan, the AAP said that the Delhi Police had spread lies under political pressure instead of having the speed of security. Da The safety of the Delhi Secretariat is under the responsibility of the Delhi Police and there have been numerous incidents of security breach in the recent past, Parti the party said.

He asked the attacker whether a package of pepper powder and matchbox had entered uncontrolled control of the Delhi Secretariat, a high security zone, and that there was no control.

The party also wondered if the Delhi Police were aware of what might have been the result of the attacker carrying another weapon with him. U Delhi Delhi told staff at the Delhi Secretariat to turn their eyes on the visitors to the Delhi Secretariat, so that the will of the ministers and the CM could be attacked “.

The party, he added, will investigate all legal options to address the situation.

In Twitter, he found support from the National Conference leader Ömer Abdullah, who asked how the enemy fell from gravity and fell into the eyes of @ArvindKejriwal. Tweet is retweeted by the official twitter ID of AAP.

The AAP also claimed that the BJP had conspired in a secret deal with the Delhi Police to attack the prime minister. Deputy Secretary General Manish Sisodia said his party would not "land" by these "small tactics" by BJP.

Officials said Kumar targeted the deputy prime minister's eyes. Kejriwal's glasses were broken, but his eyes seemed free from any damage.

Aadhaar card seized Gambling, chili powder 'khaini & # 39; in packages brought to the secretariat or chewing tobacco. After Kejriwal had thrown red pepper powder, Kumar threatened to shoot him after he got out of a jail, telling him a picture.

The incident took place outside the prime minister's room on the third floor while leaving for lunch at around 2.25.

Raghav Chadha, the national spokesman for AAP, who was behind Kejriwal at the time of the incident, said, ğı He was right behind CM.ArvindKejriwal in the third place when he was attacked. insufficient effort to protect a selected CM?

Close officials at Kejriwal alleged that Delhi Police had been accused of slackening security and that this was the third attempt to harm him in less than a month.

AAP claimed earlier this month that Tiwari had thrown water bottles to Kejriwal at the opening ceremony of Signature Bridge. AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj, "At the time of Dussehra, an unidentified man barricaded Kejriwal's residence and tried to attack CM." Said.

Delhi's BJP president Manoj Tiwari said he was not producing a pepper powder attack on Kejriwal, but this could be condemned and asked for a high-level investigation.

However, he said, the deputy prime minister has linked this incident with the Signature Bridge at the opening ceremony on 10 November, indicating that this was only a theater.

"If the incident has not taken place, it may be condemned, but the fact that the Deputy Attorney announced that the attack was like an attack on the Signature Bridge indicates that this was just a theater.

"It is understood that this attack was made in the prime minister's case to draw attention to the attack of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan and to cover up the sins of the prime minister."

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