Monday , May 16 2022

Andhra Pradesh closes its doors to residents in the center


After expressing concerns about abuse of central investigative institutions and alleged harassment by the NDA government led by Narendra Modi, Andhra Pradesh Prime Minister N Chandrababu Naidu gave permission for such agencies to conduct raids and probes in the state. Direct conflict with the center.

Since Naidu's Telugu Desam Party broke ties with the NDA and left the Union's government in March, it has led to the detection of possible raids by the central institutions on business, bureaucrats and politicians.

Naidu recently opposed the largest income tax raids in the Andhra and described the BJP government as an attempt to prevent panic creation and investment in the state. In June 2014, CM is making global investments despite not cooperating with the Center to finance the income-deficit state, which undermines restrictions on building a capital city and infrastructure for Telangana.

Andhra Pradesh Home Secretary AR Anuradha issued orders to stop investigations on November 8, and in 1946 launched the 6th Division of the Law on Special Police Establishment in Delhi, where the Special Investigation Bureau was created. . According to this move, the CBI can review corruption cases related to central institutions and funds. It may enter any Indian state with the consent of the respective state government, which is extended by an official notification every year.

On 3 August, the Interior Ministry of Andhra Pradesh allowed the CBI to continue its jurisdiction in a system where it was withdrawn. The EP Secretary-General said the government had decided to withdraw its "general consent" issued on 3 August to all members of the Special Police in Delhi to use its powers and jurisdiction in the Andhra Pradesh state.

He also said the EP home secretary is now in charge of undertaking the duties of the CBI, the state investigation agency, the Anti-Corruption Office.

A CBI spokesman said the government did not order an order to cancel its general approval to the CBI to investigate officials of the central government in Andhra Pradesh.

A senior executive TDP deputy and a member of the cabinet, who did not want it to be identified, said, arka The state government has found it necessary to take a decision to give consent to the CBI in the background of the recent internal cracks in the central investigative agency. Loss of trust and reputation on independent and objective behavior of operations. CM Naidu, among others, is very critical about the misuse of central institutions such as Income Tax, CBI, Executive Directorate. "

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