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& # 39; Deadly & # 39; for dog owners Emergency warning on cod liver oil supplements

Dog owners are warned about the dangers of supplying cod liver oil supplements to their pets – which can be fatal.

Many people give a four-legged companion fatty fish supplement to prevent arthritis and painful skin problems. Some may be tempted to give cheap cobs of liver oil capsules to pets – especially for a quarter of the price – rather than those specifically created for poas.

But Iain Booth, a leading veterinarian, says your dog is at risk of a serious overdose, and that you can even operate the current situation.

3 Bone liver oil is an invaluable source of vitamins A and D, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, which are perfect for enhancing the strength of bones and teeth. In dogs, also while improving the quality of the skin and skin.

Iz But you should read only a few pet owner forums to find examples of well-meaning individuals feeding dog cod liver oil tablets designed for people, not pets.

”And that's a really bad idea – something that proves to be deadly even in some extreme cases.“

Mr. Booth says that cod liver oil supplements for human beings can be bought for only 99 p for a package of 30 tablets when most dog cod liver liver oil supplementation starts at a similar amount of approximately 4.50 pounds. But the actual dosages in the two tablets are radically different.

Mr. Booth adds, ek A human tablet will contain about 1000 mg of cod liver oil while a dog tablet is around 300mg. That's a big difference. Olabilir If your dog is taking too much vitamin D, it can cause severe inflammation in the kidneys, heart and arteries, which can cause body tissues to harden or calcify. Too much vitamin A can cause a rare form of arthritis that develops new bone around the joints and leads to chronic stiffness. And this damage is irreversible.

Olur If there are too many A and D vitamins, the excess is stored in the body and causes the liver to work more than it needs to be treated, which causes more problems. Abilir In the meantime, giving too much fish oil to dogs can disrupt their healing abilities after exposure to a wound.

Açık Message open; Yes, human cod liver oil tablets may be cheaper, but your beloved pet will pay the price. "

Mr. Booth says you should give your dog a cod liver oil capsule at 10 kg body weight. And in the form of a tablet, not supplemented with a real fat, it is great for dogs fed with a dry diet and can be prone to respiratory diseases. There are other dog feeding traps.

Mr. Booth, by keeping your dog from treating it like a "surrogate child," said it was easy to over-nourish your dog and cause health problems.

He says: açıkça Canin obesity is clearly a big problem. And you have to remember that dogs need to be very weak – most people do not have much weight in their eyes. Evolutionary, they are “angry Ev. In the wilderness, they occasionally eat a lot of food. It is therefore very easy to over-feed a dog, especially snacks and treats.

. If you give a cocker spaniel a simple thing like digestive biscuits or give shells from your toast, in some cases you can give them 20% of the daily energy intake without really knowing them.

. And I don't think it's ignorance – I think people know they're not over-fed. To keep people informed about the health problems you may be causing the dog. "

When it comes to feeding your dog over the winter, you should also cut the carbohydrate.

Mr. Booth adds, bir In cooler months, you can help your dog stay warm in the open air by feeding something that will provide a steady supply of energy throughout the day. Mek You want to feed the dog with something that has a reasonable carbohydrate content – about 30-50 percent of the total meal. Rice, corn, wheat or potato are common sources. "

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