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2002 Gujarat revolts: SC hearing in November 19 Zakia Jafri's defenses against SIT against PM Narendra Modi, others


The Supreme Court delegation also pointed out that the office report must be challenged with pending criminal objections in the case in question.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 19th, by Zakia Ashan Jafri's Special Investigation Team (SIT), to appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the clean refuge in Gujarat for the post-2002 Godhra rebellion. he said he would hear the petition. the state prime minister.

Zakia, the wife of Ehsan Jafri, a former member of parliament who was killed as one of the worst incidents during the rebellions, objected to the Supreme Court of Gujarat on 5 October 2017 because she had rejected her appeal against SIT's decision.

Justices A M Khanwilkar and a bank of Deepak Gupta said the issue would be heard on November 19, as the court did not examine the petition in detail.

During the short-term hearing, C U Singh, a senior advocate calling for Jafri, said that between 27 February 2002 and May 2002 an appeal should be made against his allegation of ucu great conspiracy Kısa.

The applicant further filed an appeal with the magistrate, after SIT filed a lawsuit in the hearing report, without considering the hak justified “judgments.

On February 8, 2012, SIT issued a closing report by keeping Modi and 63 clean, saying there was erek unproven evidence, against a high level of government officials.

The Supreme Court delegation also pointed out that the office report must be challenged with pending criminal objections in the case in question.

C S Vaidyanathan, the senior defender for the Gujarat government, opposed the proposal and said it was a separate case and should not be labeled with criminal objections. The defender of the state government also opposed notifying an appeal.

Olabilir The office report may contain an error in the registry. We did not examine the petition in detail. It would be better if we discussed the issue on November 19th. Mes

Ehsan Jafri was among the 68 people who were killed in the Gulberg Society in Ahmedabad on 28 February 2002 when they were attacked. One day, Ayutthya 's S-6 coach from Godhra returned from the Sabarmati Express, Gujarat one day after burning.

D Existing Petition to Special Dispute is not accepted by the Court, which by the Court does not accept the closing report of the Special Rapporteur Office opened by the Special Investigation Agency on 5 October 2017, which was adopted by the Supreme Court on 5 October 2017. the case was opened. This Court is concerned with the violence in Gujarat in 2002, Bu he said. He was filed by Aparna Bhat, Zakia's defense attorney.

The defense was also independent of the Gulberg Trial registered at Meghaninagar Police Station, stating that the high court did not "applaud" Petina's complaint.

In order to conduct further investigations into her complaint against SIT, Zakia sought conclusions before the magistrate, with a mediation ruling and a protest petition.

Karş The allegations in the case were against various bureaucrats, police officers and political leaders. The allegations reflected conspiracy, conspiracy and hate speech, which resulted in violence in Gujarat.

The supreme court ruling "failed to recognize that the prime minister and other prominent members of the political right are making inflamed speeches," he said, closing his eyes in various SIB reports to try the particular VHP office. Söndür Carriers and publishers to disseminate the fire-fighting rhetoric that would constitute a crime under the IPC.

Edi Didn't the Supreme Court succeed in appreciation of the minorities of the senior police officers and the bureaucracy, but were they rewarded for co-operation with CM / BJP's illegal plans and for failing to fulfill their duties during and after the riots in 2002? “

In a decision of 5 October 2017, the Supreme Court said that the SIT investigation had been supervised by the Supreme Court, but that it had allowed Zakia to file a further investigation.

He said the petitioner's court could appeal to a suitable forum, including a part of the high court or the Supreme Court, which requested further investigation.

The activist Teesta Setalvad, who is the secretary of the CSO – Citizens of Justice and Peace, is also a supporter in the appeal request for the reversal of the Supreme Court order in Gujarat.

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