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Women's Handball – World Cup Qualification in the Hungarian Cup | Sports – Football, Handball, Basketball | Győr-Moson-Sopron County


At the start of the match, the goals ended 4-4 to 10 minutes. Later, without the Tilinger Tamara and Zana Marics, the MKC scored several goals in the lead thanks to Andrea Scholtz's outstanding defense, strict defense and precise finishes. Even in a disadvantage, Róbert Bognár scored a goalless hand. In vain, the vast framework of Fehérvár & excellent legionnaires did not prevent the stable play of Mosonmagyaróvár players. In the first half, Barbara Kopecz and Kimi Gyimesi were eliminated from their homes and at the same time they reached 14-12. Mosonmagyaróvár continued to increase in the second leg. In the 39th minute, 19 to 15 and forty-two, from 22 to 16. Fidesz brothers played Bogi six, Réka scored four goals. Fehérvár tried to wait, but this was prevented by Gubiková. Everyone in the field has been added to flawless performance. The match was attacked several times by the MKC, and two defenders and two pilots were found on the court at the same time because of most of the injured.

The ladies of Mosonmagyaróvár's hand-ball did not shiver in her hair as the White House was caught with three goals. Then came the moments of Domokos Plunge, which decided on the match. Eu-Fire Mosonmagyaróvár defeated his rival team 29-23 and entered the top eight of the Hungarian Cup.

Eu-Fire Mosonmagyaróvár-Alba Fehérvár KC 29-23 (14-12)

UFM Arena 800 audience

Jv .: Horvath P., Marton B.

MKC: Scholtz – Kovacsicz 2, Gyimesi 1, Bardi, FARKAS 4 (2), Kopecz 3 (1), M. Tóth Substitution: GUBIKOVÁ (goalkeeper), HORVÁTH B. 3, BISTIAN B. 6, BISIS R. 4 (1 VUKCEVIC 2, DOMOKOS 4, Márczy. Leader: Bognár Róbert

Fehérvár: Györkös – Nascimento 5 (1), GORSENYINA 6, Zsilinszkajte 3, Boldizsár, Mendy 3, Szarka. Change: Mistina (keeper), Temes 3 (2), Stankovics, Pelczéder 2, Májer 1, Rózsás. Leader: Deli Rita

Seven meters: 5/4. 4/3

Exhibitions: 6 minutes or 2 minutes

Róbert Bognár, head coach of Eu-Fire Mosonmagyaróvár: "The girls in the game showed great performance today. They were very focused all week and despite the many challenges they could win, two major players, Kitti Gyimes, were injured in the first half and Barbara Kopecz started to suffocate. The players on the pitch had a great heart. There was a man who added something to his tricks: a defense, a cannon, a hammered seventeen. Fehervar is a great team, so it's a great weapon we're moving on. "

Deli Fihérvár's head coach Deli Rita: Mış Today, unfortunately, our expectations are insufficient in all aspects of the game. I was a little disappointed because I expected more from the team. Nothing in this match came to us and the host team fought a giant. Mosonmagyaróvár won and native drummers added their own. "

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