Thursday , May 19 2022

Women's Hand EHF Cup: At least the New Republic wins the second race


Although Dunaújváros won 23-22 in the 3rd round of women's handball EHF Cup qualifier at Bera Bera's house, the Spanish team did not compromise.

Winner of the breakthrough in New Townphoto: DKK)

On the basis of the picture of the replica, New Towns can misunderstand the true meaning of the first game, because in fact, we can talk about two sets of similar forces. However, the goal of Laszlo György was to win the second half of the match because of his eight-goal handicap at the Hungarian court.

Bera Bera and Dunaújváros, in the first thirty minutes, the Hungarian team could go with two and the second half of the home team had found three, but the other side was always growing, thinking head to head. Monsieur Orsolya returned to the field after eight months. New Town, along with seven field players, scored an empty goal but finally managed to win the match.

The players' reactions were obvious, but they knew it could be more in this fight, but the Spanish group could wait.

San Sebastian
one thousand views. V: D. Accoto Martins, R. Accoto Martins (Portuguese)
BERA BERA: CASTELLANOS – De Castro 4 (1), Menéndez, Arderíus 5, Terez 2, Karsten 2, F. da Silva 2. swap: De Arruda, Zugarrondo 1 (goalkeepers), Sans 1, Arrojeria 3, Ezkurdia 1, Camejo 1, Berasategui. coach: Imanol Álvarez
Dunaujvaros: K. Tomasevics – Grosch 2, SZEKERCZÉS 8 (3), Szalai B. 3, Sirián 5, Ferenczy F. 2, Kazai 3. Player change: Csapó Kyra (goalkeeper), Cifra, Bouti, Dombi L., Nick, Monori, Molnár B. coach: László György
Evolution of the result. 5 minutes: 1-1. Pg. 2-4. Pg. 6-6. Sf 8-7. Sf 13-10. Sf 16-16. Sf 18-17. P. 20-20
Trade shows: 8. 10 minutes in sequence
Some weeks Meter: 1/1, sick. 3/3
Thru: Bera BeraWith a total of 48-41.
György László:
– We were aware that the eight-gauge handicap of the first game would have a hard time. The performance and game of the second thirty minutes of the first game "finished" almost all the matches, so even if we were more courageous, our winning goal was our primary goal in the breakthrough. We can be proud of the game, we can fight and we can fight honor.

18:00: Storhamar (Norway) -H.
In the first leg: 28-29
Siófok KC-HK Lada (Russian) (TV: Sport1)
Debut first: 26-30

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