Monday , May 16 2022

We are looking for opportunities in the Duna House cg group in Europe


Duna House wants to find a real estate market that seeks to invest more than 2 billion 20 euros to invest in more opportunities in Europe, not just in one region.

Guy Dymschiz, managing director of Duna House Holding Plc, said on Wednesday evening that it was not in Budapest. In November 2016, the company entered the Budapest Stock Exchange, where shares were listed in a primitive category. At the same time, it is true that the current rate of profit did not fall to cg governor rtkt on Tuesday.

the IllusztrcForrs: (C) Garai Antal Atom

In the stock exchange, in the first half of 2018, interest, tax and depreciation margins in the first half (EBITDA) do not appear to be 1.43 million liras as in 2016. This was not the case with the sword flux, nor of course, or the acquisition of MyCity.

The fact that the market took place in the market and the market attracted a great deal of attention was overwhelmed by Mr. Csehorszg's start to the franchise and he has been working on the franchise system in Hungary so far.

Trsasg Deputy Director General Ferenc Mt said: Most recently, on 6 November, Metrohouse Franchise S.A., from the Polish branch of Duna House Group, Polish Gold Financing Sp. z bought o.o. hitelkzvettt. In 2017, Gold Finance gave a loan of 63 billion tons. This is the same size as the entire Duna House Group, together with Hungary and Poland, Ferenc Mt.

Doron Dymschiz, the general manager of the CG group, made the most important changes in the Hungarian real estate market and provided a positive home-based economy (bouquets) for the landlord and maintained its navy blue cedar tree for 20 years by 2023; outdated

Buket and laksfa, the other reservation is called a positive lps, the other is at the top of the credit limit and the second is dominated by the uncertainty of the market. Trying to develop new products in the market to get rid of the rest of the world.

Schilling Dniel is the manager of the trsasg economy and draws attention to the clusters determined by the analyst. Concorde rtkpapr Zrt. In the opinion of the CG group, 4751 forint determined the specified grid, as the specified level had to be exceeded.

Duna House will be traded on BT November 11, 2016. Velt's highest rush was 4340 forints, the lowest was 3360 forints.

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