Tuesday , May 17 2022

Verhofstadt moved to giant board to start his tour in Orbán


The government and Fidesz after launching a European campaign to Verhofstadt
The ALDE fraction leader, the European Liberal Party, launched a poster mounted in Brussels and said, "You represent the greatest threat to Christianity." On one side is Hungarian and the other is English:

"In the beginning, he just went to our money, now the unity of Europe is in question."

At the Brussels premiere, it was announced that the party family Momentum will bring the truck to Hungary. According to the party, the first station will be Feldansút on Thursday. At a press conference organized by Fekete-Gy Vikr András, Viktor's house is between Orbán and Pancho Aréna.

"The truck also participates in the Momentum's Friday show at the CEU. Momentum writes:" The moving poster will go to the country to show Hungary at the highest points on the weekend, what a disastrous policy Viktor Orbán represents, "he says. .



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