Tuesday , October 4 2022

Velvet – Gum Candy – We were shocked to see photos of Matthew Perry


HBO announced Good Friends Reunion four months ago, featuring Perry. Fans have already noticed that the actor is acting a little confused, but seeing his latest photos, there is no doubt that something is wrong with his life.

In recent photos taken by photographers, the celebrity has blatantly abandoned herself, walking the streets dirty, obese. The actor who plays Chandler Bing is known to struggle with Vicodin, methadone, amphetamine, and alcohol addiction, who has gone on withdrawal courses twice before. Click here for photos!

Perry’s ex-girlfriend, Kayti Edwards (granddaughter of Julie Andrews), previously told The Sun that when the actor was struggling with drug issues nearly 10 years ago, Perry was 5 months pregnant for him to take drugs.

The leading image of our article is not new, it was made in New York in 2017.

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