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This captain of the world will be fris kzilabda-vlogat


The Hungarian Kilyabad Charity Community works with István Csoknyai and Grundfos Tatabnya leader Vladan Matics, nominated by the legendary captain of the world on Wednesday and Januras. MKSZ, Kocsis M said that this deal was just a boring thing and that it was a long time for the best club members in Hungary to work.

On Wednesday morning, he was officially invited to István Csoknyai and the villa along with Vladan Matics. In the past, French and sd svn vignettes have been used by the professionals working in Balatonfred (Csoknyai) and Tatabnya (Matics) clubs with the same responsibility. Ljubomir Vranjes, Istvan, was the only person in Csoknyai, but so far he did not know this, only the first player in Slovakia and Italy (the winner of the tournament won 30-22).

Vladan Matics (left) and Csoknyai Iatvn can fight the Hungarian sloganPhoto: Polyk Attila – Origo

"The legacy of conscience, assigned to Hungarian experts and the most successful candidate for the Hungarian championships in October, led to the appointment of Vladan Matics as an outstanding captain of István Csoknya," says Kocsis Mt, a legacy of the Hungarian Legion Consciousness.

The group said, I took this seriously, the captain should be in Hungary. Maticsrl kln also emphasized that the Yugoslav media experts are lazy with Hungarian kzilabd.

Your stand for the current January World Championships, but Kocsis Mt denied that this was just a difficult tour as the captain's captain lasted longer. The legacy of victory is that the world championship is the world's top eight and that it is known by international critics, relis clkitzs.

Marosi Lszl (second balrl) and Kocsis Mt (kzpen) are also comingPhoto: Polyk Attila – Origo

Arril said the professional technician was in the midst of his relationship with the psychologist, László Marosi, the professional director of the public, said that they are currently working on the system, or that they are working in al-fl relationship with either of them or with frank and svd. with successful prospects. Marosi recalled that the club's favorite club Elek Gbor and Ambros Martin managed to succeed in European Champion Selection.

"As I told a hunter, I was honored to be honored, so I was able to get on the list and I was familiar with how well we could work together." We know each other because we work against Htrl, gymond onems, we were lucky to work. They know one of them, "he said.

We work hard at world championships and aim for everyone who thinks we are in the first group. The most important thing is to get out of the band, then we'll find out which teams are facing, but the most important thing is to reach Tokiba. "

. It is a great honor to be a candidate because this training has a career. By this time we will become more routine and this is a much more fundamental, more serious lesson.

Let's stay and take all your opponents seriously! We must also fight against the first Argentinean black as we are against the French, Ayrıca he said. Vladan Matic, in 1986, the first time there is a single data to be found in the Hungarian Hungarians, there are better teams in the field.

Before the group, the youth of István Csoknyai said that before such an important world championship, it would be a big mistake if we embarrassed such work. "It would be a mistake to leave the routine fighters to Ferenc Ilys or Nagy Sziget, a major contributor to the returnees and the team." At the same time, the captain said that he was watching the young jockey guilds who were watching and even entering craft books.

Csoknyai Istvn (balrl) and Vladan Matics will be one of the leaders of the teamPhoto: Polyk Attila – Origo

"We must contact Patriarch Ligetvri, Csszr Gbor, Rudolph Faluvgi, Dunk Bartk." I'm on my way, and nobody's weird. "

Cousins, the world championship 16 up to 16 fries will be fired gradually up to the square, he said.

However, starting January 10, the world championship will be two. From the Olympic qualifying tournament, the world champion can go directly to the 2020 Olympic Games and go to the Olympic qualifiers.

Red chili in a dihia

Dunajvaros (1983-90), Honvd Szondi SE (1985-86) and 54 Csoknyai Istvn volunteers, who lasted eighteen weeks from 1990, were Fotex Veszprm jtkosa. He became a member of the Champions League in 2002 and was behind Magdeburg. In 1991 and 2004 there were 170 times in vlogat. In 2005, 12 of the 12 champions returned. As of 2014, the Veszprém team was formed and was the legendary captain of the team in 2009-10. 2014, leader of the Balatonfred line.

The 48-year-old Vladan Matics was in Szabcson, now Yugoslavia (now Serbia), and began shooting at the big club formerly known as Crvena zvezda and then Partizan Beograd. In 2001, he won a championship silver medal in 2006, twice in bronze medals (1999, 2001) from the bronze medal (1999, 2001), and won the Hungarian Cup with Tisza parties last year. After his retirement, he became the coach of Szeged and soon became the champion of the team avoiding the great Veszprém river. In 2009, Liberian leader of Celje and Serbian journalist Ferencvros was responsible. In 2014, he was led by Grundfos Tatabnya, whose bronze medal. In October 2008 and February 2010, the Hungarian frfi was the second half of kzilabda-vlogát and in the second half was the period of Csoknyai Istvn.

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