Saturday , December 5 2020

They're making j generator.

For some time now, we have heard that the current lithium-ion batteries, the generic technology of the solid-state battery, can carry the real traffic for a long time. There is a small knai cg that takes over everyone with the revolution and they are also developing a kind of action where they can change the way the electric car or smartphone is related to smartphones.

Technology experts were working with big companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, Dyson or Toyota, but in the electric car industry, too, a very brave driver only kszteni the first solid-state batteries.

I have explained that Energy Development Co. today has solved the problem of developing battery-powered batteries and caused the process. It was a surprise that this little cricket stood to China University, and they all managed to achieve an $ 144 billion investment.

Of course, at the same time, you don't have to worry that solid body batteries will suddenly appear on the market. The company is now operating a 0.1 gigawatt trolkapacits battery for electric cars (or 100 milliseconds of LEDs could be operated by a VV).

However, production will be up to 0.7 gigawatts per year by 2020, which is enough to make a bigger hit (even if the trumps work). In any case, AQing Tao will be used to provide state-of-the-art battery-powered batteries, advanced industrial equipment and the highest level of state-of-the-art digital equipment.

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But what will it be for us?

Plumbing batteries, current electrolytes and electrodes are used according to their current stream names. With this designer, you can make various changes that are smaller, more powerful and more powerful than the head of the battery.

After all, this would be a huge boost, but battery-powered batteries will move faster and faster, and readings will be much more. But if that wasn't enough, solid body batteries would be more fun than others, and if they do, they don't burn like lithium-ion trichomes, they can turn in more flexible packages.

All this makes it possible to drive in an electric car because I can't keep up for a few minutes instead of the current 20-30 minute speed, but I can make a larger line, They are much safer in the accident because they do not have the chance to do business.

and of course, from smartphones to tablets, you can have more radishes that will have the same benefits everywhere, as long as they can access the js longer and faster.

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