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The woman in Budapest was shot down the street in an open street, there is much to know

The woman in Budapest was shot down the street in an open street, there is much to know

III. In the 19th century a woman was shot in the open street in Budapest. district: died instantly. The police also grabbed a suspect, a man. The police did not elaborate the motifs. And you don't even know if a gun has a warrant.

Section III. Even in the dawn, quiet, family married in the district of Békásmegyer district. Filming fluttering on the open street. Then he informed the police.

"On the 21st of November, in the early hours of the morning, BRFK heard a gunfire on Flower Street in Buda, and a woman said there was a woman lying on the road." – A spokesman for BRFK, Csoma Csécsi, said.

The neighborhood was closed by the police on all sides. Only the people of the street were allowed to cross the promenade. Emergency nurses could no longer help women on the street.

"We were warned against a burden of space, my comrades on the ground found a middle-aged woman who had been seriously injured because of losing her life in place." – The National Ambulance Service said.

A 56-year-old woman was about to go to bed at the place where you saw the tent being built. Although investigators seized the alleged criminal within two hours, the reason he had to die was not the spokesman of the BRFK. Not directly at home, in a side street a few streets away. A man is suspicious.

For the time being, the police have not said whether there is a gun permit for a professional member of a man or a law enforcement officer.

The residents, in any case, regard this part of the Buddha as a good neighborhood. There are several renovated buildings on the street. For now, the mysterious murder is being investigated by the Budapest Police Station.

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