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The whole Duna House will be abandoned all over Europe


Duna House wants to be a decisive player in the European real estate market, looking for additional opportunities to invest between 2 million and 20 million euros in Europe, not only in the region.

Duna House Holding Plc's CEO Guy Dymschiz (pictured) said he didn't think the company had entered the Budapest Stock Exchange in November 2016. Stocks are listed in a high category. At the same time, he believed that the current exchange rate of his shares did not reflect the real value of the company – the closing price of shares on Tuesday was 3660 – MTI bids.

The company's interest rate, tax liability and pre-depreciation (EBITDA) margin is 1.43 billion HUF in the first half of 2018, up two-and-a-half times compared to the same period of 2016, he said. In addition, the stock price did not have a significant effect on dividend payments or on a steady increase in the purchase of MyCity.

He also called on the company to focus on new markets as well as existing markets. This has highlighted the fact that the franchise network has already begun in the Czech Republic and has been working to expand the franchise system so far in Hungary.

Important developments

Ferenc Máté, the company's deputy general manager, later transferred to the Polish Gold Funding Company, Poland's subsidiary Metrohouse Franchise SA, on 6 November in Duna House Group, Poland. recalled from the purchase. Credit tool. Gold Finance used HUF 63 billion in 2017 in order of magnitude equal to the credit portfolio transferred by all Duna House Group in Hungary and in Poland. The importance of the purchase was felt by Ferenc Máté.

The other co-CEO of the group, Doron Dymschiz, extended the family house allowance (bouquets) as the most important changes in the Hungarian real estate market by extending the flat bed under certain conditions – under certain conditions – up to 2023. and the end of state subsidies for state savings funds. He also called the expansion of the bouquet and the maintenance of the housing stock as a positive step. The first was eliminated due to the expected increase in the loan portfolio and secondly due to the uncertainty in the market. The discontinuation of Lp's state subsidies encourages companies to develop new money market products, he adds.

The company's CEO, Dániel Schilling, drew attention to the target prices set by analysts. Concorde Securities Zrt. Regarding the target price of 4751 forints, the group believes that the current price of the shares should be exceeded.

The shares of Duna House have been traded in the premium BSE category since November 11, 2016. The highest exchange rate in the past year was 4340 fors, the lowest 3360 forse.


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