Sunday , May 22 2022

The Freedom Bridge is the symbol of the Democrats in Budapest.


Mayor Fidesz does not give results with the President, but if he agrees with the public, Budapest can be a free and prosperous city.

With a torch and parade, Budapest announces MSZP 145 years ago and the Dialogue on the Harmful Side of the Freedom Bridge on Saturday night.

Budapest describes its 145-year history as an example for future generations and giving examples: what should not be done and stressed
Zsolt Molnár. The chairman of the MSZP, Budapest, asked participants to take the city's fate, shape the future, and unite the libertarian voters of Budapest with the local government approach and the approaching in pre-election MS guidance. "Budapest Democrats must unite and the Freedom Bridge must be the symbol of what is together!" – He gave another symbol to the blue heart of the MSZP (see EU elections logo) Zsolt Molnár.

The Freedom Bridge symbolizes that the inhabitants of Budapest are connected with freedom and expose the ülasyon bridge simulation “. Gergely Christmas. According to the Co-Chair of the Dialogue, we all live in Budapest – Pest, Buddha, sakinbuda, Men and Women, traveling by car or bicycle, old and young, panel residents or just residents in the suburbs – this is the citizens of the city and the city is in the direction we want develop.

Therefore, the decline in the decline of the fall of the city was announced in Christmas. After the centralization of the last nine years, the citizens of Budapest received their free will from their free will. For this, the next mayor should be the Mayor, not the Mayor of Fidesz, but the Mayor (see Orbán-Tarlós Pact), but citizens.

; We want Budapest not to marry its own government, milyar but the economy and the people of Budapest to get "legitimate money par from the budget, until Christmas makes a billion-dollar development speech by the Prime Minister. wants to compress all the resources.

And it's not about the little money, he warned Csaba Horváth: He spends 20 billion tins a day on Budapest 's day, and almost nothing comes back. The development of capital is not surprising, so the leader of the MSZP metropolitan group had to make Budapest's largest capital, the talents, efforts and sacred work of the people there. According to dissident politicians, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Mayor of Budapest, István Tarlós, signed an agreement on the "sacking of Budapest" on Saturday, the contracts "only a bluff" for local elections. He said he should be the leader of Budapest, the first of Budapest.

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