Tuesday , July 27 2021

Test: These are the best mayonnaise on the shelves of Hungarian stores

In the local store you can find many mayonnaise. It is not surprising that the use is versatile, the similarity of the product. The result of a study now shows which of the most popular mayonnaise is at home.

A multi-purpose sauce was investigated by the National Food Chain Security Department (Nébih) in the last test of Supermenta, a mayonnaise. The 22 controlled products were dispersed with & quot; atoms & quot; during this time. Among other things, erucic acid plant toxin and PAH pollutants, allergens and preservatives were also found. Bottle flavored sauces were safe for food, but the two mayonnaise preservatives were just above the prescribed limit.

In addition to the Nébih complex tests, various laboratory tests were carried out by the office experts in bottle mayonnaise. What's Everywhere?

  • Moisture,
  • oil,
  • content of erucic acid (plant toxin),
  • labeled omega-3 fatty acid,
  • composition of vegetable oil
  • sorbic acid preservative content,
  • EDTA antioxidant content,
  • PH value,
  • PAH contamination,
  • sulfur dioxide content.

It ensures that the mustard or egg-free mayonnaise is truly free of these substances. In addition, the allergen-free zebrat could not find traces of products in spot-tested products. In the case of four randomly selected mayonnaise bottles, the total infiltration of the lids was also tested, which met the limit set by the EU directive.

There were problems

From 22 mayonnaise, a total of three products had an issue with which a formal procedure was initiated: one defining the shortcomings, the other two were due to quality and marking failure. Due to different light marking errors, food operators are alerted by experts and need to present an action plan to correct them. Due to the existence of a protective agent above the limit value, ie a quality error, Nébih inspectors shall apply a total of 300,000 HUF food sanctions against the relevant companies for two products.

The following product had a higher protective rate:

  • Topeco mayonnaise
  • Lomee mayonnaise – without eggs

These are the most popular mayonnaise

In this time popularity test, expert and secular tasters can evaluate the products by blind tasting method. The order of Supermenta mayonnaise was based on the appearance, color, aroma and taste. Among the products examined were mayonnaise mayonnaise, who preferred the sweetener experience. Penny & # 39; s second product, the third was Real Mayonnaise.

The order is as follows:

1. Buyer mayonnaise

2. Penny mayonnaise

3. Real mayonnaise

4. Coop mayonnaise

5. Auchan mayonnaise – without preservatives

6. Auchan mayonnaise

7. Globus mayonnaise

8. When Mayonnaise

9. Tesco mayonnaise

10. ARO mayonnaise

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