Thursday , September 29 2022

Terrible recovery bug hurts players’ lives


Last week, Far Cry 6 arrived, where we had to liberate the banana republic island of Yara from the dictator Giancarlo Esposito. The tropical place is attractive enough, because after democracy and capitalism have been restored in the country, who wouldn’t want to take a vacation here, right? However, players’ experience has reportedly been shattered by a goosebumps, terrifying bug.

A The podcast host also drew attention to this, but several videos have been posted on Reddit showing an autosave bug that messed up our saved work, Episode 6 doesn’t allow you to save manually as it works with autosave. The thing is that although the game saves the location at the given point, after reloading our character falls from a height and dies. And this happens after every install, so fired like they’ve done so far, you can restart Far Cry 6. Some lost 20 hours this way, and the podcast producer in question even wrote on Twitter that he won’t be playing the game until Ubisoft fixes this bug. By the way, there were those who tried to enable fast travel during a collision, this not only got rid of it, but also created a new save point, but it is impossible to open the map so fast to circumvent the error.

Kotaku contacted Ubisoft, and the publisher-developer said they were aware of the issue and were trying to fix it as soon as possible. By the way, it is recommended to call a friend if the error occurs, so switch to collaboration mode. This works based on feedback, you have to stay in the main menu until your friend starts the game, invites you, then exit and click “continue playing” to at least skydive.

Far Cry 6 arrives on October 7 for PC (machine request), current and previous generation consoles. If PETA recently got to the point of depicting animals, it “finally” found Chapter 6, too.

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