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Ten star filmmakers who have fallen victim to sexual crimes and even abuse

The MeTee movement, partly based on reality and partly on the madness of the New Left, in return destroyed filmmakers, right or wrong, sexually abusive, sometimes even those against them, to put it mildly, because there was no evidence. Harvey Weinstein is an undoubted criminal, but no evidence of Woody Allen was found, so his last – great – movie was barely shown. Meanwhile, the latest sexual offender suspected is Shia Labeouf, who is Harrison Ford’s successor in the latest episode of Indiana Jones.

Harvey weinstein

One In love with shakespeare He oversaw the production of films such as the Oscar-winning producer, as the founding director of Miramax and The Weinstein Company. Sex, lies, video, one Crying toy and Canvas novel. Between 1966 and 2016, a total of 34 Oscar winners thanked him at the awards ceremony: this is exactly how God’s name was spoken (although the winner Steven Spielberg mentioned it 43 times). In October 2017, more than eighty women in total were charged with sexual violence and were sentenced to 23 years in prison in February last year for not being released in 2039 at the earliest. Now 68 years old, his health was reported to have deteriorated rapidly and he suffered from coronavirus infection in prison. He’s probably a criminal, it turns out that he tried to punish players who didn’t sleep with him all his life, regularly reaching Mira Sorvino or Ashley Judd. It prevented them from appearing in The Lord of the Rings or a Tarantino movie. But she also tried to rape the daughter of actress Léa Seydoux, who was a friend of her French billionaire-producer friends.

Harvey Weinstein just pretends to be a patientSource: AFP / 2020 Getty Images / Stephanie Keith

Roman Polanski

Terrible, one Rosemary’s child, one Chinatown and Pianist The Oscar-winning and Cannes Palme d’Or-winning Polish director spent 42 days in prison in 1977, was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl, and eventually fled from France to the United States. The case resurfaced in connection with the MeToo frenzy (with several new accusers), and the director responded to all of this with a great report on anti-Semitism. Officer and spy – Dreyfus case With the 2019 study. In the same year, he was expelled from ranks by the American Film Academy and last year by the French Film Academy. Not a single new accuser has found evidence, the great filmmaker has been attacked by decades of events. Polanski, 88, was surrounded by a real battle at last year’s César Gala (he won the Best Director Award). It is worth adding that at the same awards ceremony, the other top prize (best film) was awarded to a legally convicted Ladj Ly sharia criminal of financial origin. Actually, nobody protested him. Ladj Ly’s film was about the fault of French society that immigrants form a parallel society.

Oscar-winning film director Roman PolanskiSource: AFP / Valery Hache

Woody Allen

Annie Hall, a Manhattan and Hannah and her sisters Master-writer-director-hero of the masterpieces, in 1992, was suspected of sexual harassment of his then-seven-year-old foster daughter, Dylan Farrow. Two independent investigations into the case were also conducted, but he was never charged. There was never any evidence against him. Woody Allen’s name reappeared during MeToo, causing many actors to distance himself from him, having his memories thrown back by several publishers, and Amazon not being distributed by the director despite their contracts. A rainy day in New York new movie. Everybody against Farrow The new series of documents, called HBO GO, will also be shown on HBO GO in Hungary. The 86-year-old great artist was persecuted – without any evidence – for a real witch hunt.

Selena Gomez and Woody Allen (Rainy Day in New York)Source: MediaPunch

Luc besson

Roman Polanski not only appeared among European creators during MeToo, for example he won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Adéle’s life and mixed a long, open sex scene with a big powder that hasn’t been marketed since then. Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo also the name of director Abdellatif Kechiche and Luc Bessoné. THE Metro, Great blue, one Nikita, one Leon, profi and Fifth Element active in recent years as producer of stranger commercials and president of the production company EuropaCorp (Taxi, Carrier, Kidnapped), nine women in total were charged with sexual harassment.

Luc bessonSource: dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP / Patrick Seeger

Who is-duk

Number one feature film director of South Korea’s hugely successful contemporary film industry, his films (Island, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter … and Spring, Merciful Girl, Thousand-jip – Hidden SoulsThey won awards in Cannes, Berlin and Venice, and in 2018 several actresses were accused of sexual harassment. The losing director moved to Latvia last November, reportedly wanted to start a new life there and died here on December 11 of complications from coronavirus infection (it would have been sixty for nine days).

Who would-dukSource: Anadolu Agency / 2020 Anadolu Agency / Arif Hudaverdi Yaman via AFP

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