The fan version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 (Galaxy S20 FE) offers a high-end user experience at a relatively affordable price, understandable if users like it. Samsung is also releasing a newer version, but that’s what you should get with 4G connectivity.

If it’s already 2021 and the Galaxy S21 has been launched, we might think that next time we’ll hear the Galaxy S21 FE as a fan version, but we have a little surprise – Samsung will release another Galaxy S20 FE. (We had the opportunity to test the original model.)

This version may be due to quite a few people complaining about the smartphone’s Exynos chipset, writing in any case. MacRumors – the new model (with SM-G780G as model number) will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip. The smartphone can only have 4G connectivity. Meanwhile, its specs are the same as last year’s FE model and will also include an MST chip for Samsung Pay to pay on traditional magnetic payment terminals.

The reason for the launch of the new Galaxy S20 is not yet known, especially considering the Galaxy S21 FE will definitely hit the market in a few months. It is not yet known whether the current model will become widespread globally, but it seems likely that this 4G version will hit markets that the 5G Galaxy S20 FE cannot reach.

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