The most common problem with a smartphone is that it falls. I wonder how two of this year’s best phones, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra, will survive such ordeals?

PhoneBuff YouTube channel operators regularly test the best phones. Where they measure speed, test their endurance. Recently, they’ve been wondering how “drop resistant” the iPhone 13 Pro Max is and how it compares to its rival, the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Both the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra had multiple cracks on their backs when they were dropped from a height of one and a half feet onto a concrete slab. However, they remained fully operational. Despite the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s glass breakage, the camera and lidar continued to function properly, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s metal camera block provided additional protection.

The smartphones also survived a side collision, the screen was not damaged, but the scratches on the edges of the iPhone 13 Pro Max were more noticeable. Both phones cracked when they fell “face down” on concrete, but it should be noted that last year the iPhone 12 Pro Max suffered such a drop without any problems.

After three drops, both smartphones worked fine. As a “bonus”, devices were dropped ten more times on steel surfaces. After the third drop a piece of glass came out from the back of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the screen stopped in some places but the touch layer still worked properly. Display problems appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra after six drops.

After a series of drops, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was in worse shape, especially on the back. However, there were no problems with the other features of the smartphone, except that the back panel and all the screen pixels did not remain flawless. Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was visually less damaged and the screen cracked, it worked fully without pixel “drops”.

Finally, tests showed the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to be one point (38) better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max (37 points).

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