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Snowball: Exatlon and Survivor playing in a team

This weekend European Snowball Europe Tour kicks off in Wagrain, Austria this weekend. Yes, they read well: snowballs. The winter division of volleyball, which has been in operation for several years, was a spectacle sport at the 2018 Pyongyang Winter Olympics, and there is great chance that medals have already been awarded in the 2026 five-sided games. Also Hungarian players are active participants of tournaments.

Hanna Gubik, Adrienn Czene and Dorka Szabó are also measuring themselves in the new area (Photo: Daniel Dobrovszki/


The discipline, dating back ten years, was invented by the Austrians, and the first competitions were held here as well. But then in other Central European countries – Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy – and then Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and was founded in Georgia. Pitch size and net height are the same as beach volleyball, matches are played in snow instead of sand, matches are shorter and of course the clothes are not bathing suits, actually the players enter the court. locks.

Initially two players formed a team like beach volleyball, even at this event the first European Championships were held in Wagrain in 2018, but a three-man version was introduced in Pyongyang and the battles will continue from 2019.

Hungarian competitors will participate practically in the tournaments from the very beginning, the only European Championship ever (which had to be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak last year), six-time beach volleyball champions Eszter Lutter and Gynari Panna were represented in our colors and ranked 9th among 24-24 runners. Placed fourth in the men’s and women’s series at the European Tour competitions.

During the weekend, the field will return to Wagrain, the first European Championship venue where all three Hungarian teams will start. For women, the aforementioned Győri Panni and Eszter Lutter Eb participant in volleyball Lightning with purple and With Szombathely’s Sandra (the latter also won beach volleyball four times) was added because there is also the possibility to change between sets.

Other Hungarian women’s community is also made up of serious figures, such as Dorottya Szabó, who took third place in Exatlon Hungary last year, winning three ob-silver medals and two ob-rounds. The 2017 Survivor will complete with one of the most talented Hungarian competitors at Adrienn Czene, a three-year-old champion at just 16, and an ob-round medal among adults. Gubik with Hanna.

“There aren’t many opportunities to prepare for land in Hungary, so we definitely have to get used to the ground and the locks in the beginning. Said Dorka Szabó. – Luckily, all three of us started a race like this, so we won’t be completely inexperienced. Since there is no better way, we are preparing for competitions in the sand because movement and tactics can be implemented this way. “

Few people know that there are currently two indoor beach volleyball facilities in Hungary where you can play beach volleyball in the winter: one on the Buda side of the Petőfi Bridge, the BME sports complex and the other in the Hűvösvölgy, MESE tennis. center. Adriék Czene they used to be.

“Our coach is Adrian Pricop, who is also the coach of last year’s beach volleyball champions Beáta Vaida and Fanni Vecsey. Survivor’s former star told our newspaper. – Adrian, also have significant experience in this competition, because he and Bea, the Romanian won two tournaments in Turkey. So Bea, unfortunately, cannot start with Hungarian colors yet because the citizenship process is still going on. But with their advice, they can both be of great help to us and hopefully this will be reflected in the results. “

In the tournament to be held in Austria this weekend, besides ours, there will be eight starts for women, host Austrians, Czechs, Italians, Lithuanians and Turks will start the team. For men – where our colors are three teenagers, Domonkos Dóczi, Csanád Petik and Márton Udvarhelyi represents – just twice that. Belgians, French, Germans, Poles, Russians, Swiss and Ukrainians were also included here. A week later, another match will be held in the same place, where our teams will be present (where the men are). Tamás Marton, Gábor Molnár, Zoltán Molnár, Levente Pető but girls travel in the same order) and so far 15 and 22 applications have been submitted.

Such a snowball

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