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Salmonella contaminated spice mix called by Lidl :: New news


The company has detected salmonella contamination in the Mikadó product during their quality control tests, because Lidl reminded a mixture of spices in Hungary, pizza.

According to the information published on Lidl's website, recall only means that L803101 and 20 grams of Mikado Pizza spices dated March 12, 2020, are not confused with any products marketed by the supermarket chain.

Lidl will ask the customer to purchase, sell and undo any store in the store chain, labeled with the product delivery time and product number, and the purchase price will be returned without purchase price.

Salmonella bacteria can replicate and cause infectious diseases. However, full heat treatment destroys salmonella bacteria, so the consumption of pizza spices used for cooking and cooking does not cause salmonella disease. Ancak

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