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László Laufer (photo), András Mayer (text), Tamás Nagy-Pál (video) 2018.11.11 at 11:01
Updated on: 2018/11/11 11:03

For the great Pécs football matches, the moments of remembering the famous personality of local football, former players, coaches and drivers were remembered for the third time on Pécs Football Day. The incredible success of nearly 50 years (Pécs Dozsa on November 4, 1970, defeated Newcastle United in the European City Cup 2-0) is a lifelong attempt: in the case of neglecting the past, players strokes the old stories. and learn a lot about the background of success.

Again this evening, a lot of people came together to play football in Pécs: István Tallósi and Ferenc Bismi, János Dunai, Milady Udvarácz who had not missed the event directly from Copenhagen but including Balázs Bérczy . The former federal captain Imre Gellei, who betrayed him, was the greatest defeat of Pécs in 1978 as he accepted the invitation of the organizers: they took it 5-0, and they came together. They passed the game.

This year's Pécs was deemed worthy of a lifetime award on Soccer Day: former excellent national team player János Dunai thanked the Olympic bronze medal for what he did for Pécs football.

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