Tuesday , May 17 2022

Premium News – Telecom adds an extra mobile to the world of digital opportunity for prepaid customers


On November 15th, Telecom will provide a single 4GB of data that can be used in half a year for all customers who are prepaid for their customers. In line with the Telekom brand this year, the proposal combines everyone with today's digital facilities and plays an active role in the digitalization of Hungary.

With the move to attract more customers to the internet, the company is confident that they have just started accessing the Internet and have more opportunities for customers using mobile internet. Approximately 1.7 million customers can use promotion data.

One-off 4-GB data for prepaid customers will be available automatically on November 15th with activation by SMS to affected customers via SMS.

Telekom announced its new and ambitious brand in February 2018. Using the Digital Car Kit, you want to inspire everyone to use your wired and premium cellular network and innovative technology to deliver the highest quality standards to help you and your environment and the environment.

In our society, there are many people who are digital parts and surfaces, the natural parts of the world that are smart to use technology, and if they want something fast, easy and ugly, they naturally reach their mobile phones or laptops. People who are already living serve the development of digitalization. They call them Telecom Now Generation. Generation is a kind of attitude, a kind of attitude, so we are curious about innovations and a new one, with a clear attitude, living independently of everyone. Telekom invites everyone to become an active member of Now Generation.

Iyor We are committed to a change of attitude in Hungarian society, because digitalization requires a new attitude and new abilities for each of us. The toolbox of digitization serves the development of the individual only if he / she is accompanied by a kind of openness, courage and actor attitude. It's time to understand the negative and declining thoughts. With the right attitude, we are looking for the tools of the digital world, we can access everything, we can change everything. " – Brand and Housing Communications Manager Attila Béla Szabó, the new brand campaign launched by Telecom in early November, said.

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