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Note II: Nyíregyháza Spartacus – BFC Siófok


In the final match of the 11th round of football NB II, Nyíregyháza hosted Siófok at Balmazújváros and played him 0-0. A draw means Nyíregyháza is unbeaten in four games, while the guests are unbeaten in four games.

Fighting dominated the match (Photo: Péter Kovács)

ENG 11.
city ​​Stadium, 300 audience. Under his leadership: Mihály Káprály (Ákos Berényi, Gyula Punyi)
Nyiregyhaza: Fejér – Kilyén, Szokol, Jánvári, Nemes – Márkus (Szabó B., 70th) – Csörgő (Vass P., 70th), Paku, Zamostny (Banyoi, 89th), Gresó (Pócsik, 85th) – Novák Cs . Head coach: Szergej Pacaj
Siofok: Szmola – Polényi, Horváth M., Jagodics B. Varga B. – Varjas, Eördögh (Nikházi, 83.) – Kiss B., Szakály D. (Deutsch B., 75.), Cipf (Balogh B., 83.) – Elek B. (Horváth P., 70.). Head coach: Atilla Domjan
Varga B. (73rd)
Szergej Pacaj:
– Siófok played more dangerously in the first half, our offensive game was very weak. After the break, we had a bigger chance with Csörgő and then we couldn’t score from the human advantage, so I might be disappointed for some reason!
Atilla Domjan: – We had more chances in the first half, but we weren’t accurate enough on the counter. After the show, Nyíregyháza took the lead, so I can be happy with a draw.



Siófok came to Balmazújváros, Nyíregyháza’s temporary home, with three victories behind them. The guests played with a smaller field advantage in the first half, but this was not combined with the circumstances, the visiting spectators were able to watch forty-five minutes in particularly poor quality.

The teams played bolder in the second half, Raul Csulgő could have taken the lead after 54 minutes but hit him in a great position. 73rd minute I think Varga The people of Lake Balaton were at a disadvantage because of its display. Aware of the score, Nyíregyháza played with a more offensive spirit who could score a winning goal, but Bálint Szmola bravely defended it several times, thus earning a point for his team. 0-0

ENG 11.
October 3
III. Region TVE – Aqvital FC Csákvár 2–2
Dorog?? – Ajka 0-0
Budafok – Szentlőrinc 2–1
Békéscsaba – Vasas 0–3
ETO FC Györ – Kecskemét 0–1
PMFC – Szolnok 1-0
Szombathelii Haladas – Budaörs 2–1
Tiszakécske – Soroksar 2-3
Szeged-Csanád Grosics Academy – DVTK 2–1
October 4
Nyiregyhaza – Siofok 0–0

1. Szombathelii Advancement 11th 7 4 13–3 +10 25
2. Kecskemet TE 11th 7 3 one 20–10 +10 24
3. Vasas FC 11th 7 2nd 2nd 23–11 +12 23
4. Szeged-Csanád Grosics Academy 11th 6 2nd 3 15–7 +8 20
5. Nyiregyhaza Spartacus 11th 5 4 2nd 20–15 +5 19
6. Dorogi FC 11th 5 3 3 11–11 0 18
7. Diósgyőr VTK 11th 4 5 2nd 18–14 +4 17
8. Szentlőrinç SE 11th 3 7 one 14-10 +4 16
9. BFC Siofok 11th 3 7 one 13–9 +4 16
10. Szolnoki MÁV FC 10 4 3 3 15-16 -one 15
11. Budafoki MTE 11th 4 2nd 5 16-14 +2 14
12. ETO FC Györ 11th 3 5 3 17-16 +1 14
13. Pecs MFC 11th 3 3 5 8–11 –3 12
14. FC Ajka 11th 3 3 5 11–15 –4 12
15. Soroksar SC 11th 3 3 5 17–23 –6 12
16. pruners 11th 2nd 4 5 14–20 –6 10
17. FC Csakvar 10 one 4 5 10-15 –5 7
18. Békéscsaba 1912 Striker 11th one 4 6 13–21 –8 7
19. III. Region TVE 11th one 4 6 10-23 –13 7
20. Tiszakécske 11th 2nd 9 11-25 –14 2nd


90 + 3rd minute: The match ended with a goalless goal! Thank you for the honorable interest of our readers!

90 + 2nd minute: Referee guest manager published, Atilla Domjan because Nyíregyháza was going to throw it while he was passing the ball onto the field.

90 + 1st minute: Smola You get a yellow card for timeout.

The referee adds three minutes.

89 minutes: instead of Zamostny bath On the road in Nyíregyháza.

85 minutes: instead of Grosso pocsik in Sparina.

84 minutes: Greso He took a free kick from 22 meters, Szmola gymnastics from the upper right.

83 minutes: Double substitutions: Eördögh and Cipf finished, replaced Nikhazi and Balogh Benito Benito is coming.

81 min: Zamostny His 17-metre shot went to the bottom right, but Smola managed to defend it with bravura.

78th minute: Cipf’s curved goal in front of a free kick, Milan Horvath His 6-meter slide avoided the left goal post by centimeters.

75th minute: Attila Domján will change immediately, I think Deutsch will replace Dénes Szakály

73 minutes: Exhibition! I think Varga The referee did not hesitate and awarded a penalty in favor of Vass Patrikk. It ended because the Siófok defender had previously collected a card for the match.

70 minutes: Both teams are changing: I think Elek is replaced by Péter Horváth, the Hungarians are changing two, Csörgő is going down and Patrik Vass and Bálint Szabó are going down.

67 minutes: I think Varga Nyíregyiai was shown a yellow card.

65th minute: Balázs Kiss He moved between sixteen players until one of Nyíregyháza’s defenders decided to shoot himself and was able to block.

60 minutes: Novák and Zamostny faced each other after a corner in Siófok, fortunately both Szpari players are able to continue the game.

56th minute: Polenyi He would have taken a free kick from 22 yards, but the ball hit the line.

54 minutes: A big case was overlooked in Nyíregyháza! Zamostny teasing him rattleFiring from 7 meters, he fired at the left goal post without disturbing anyone.

50 minutes: First goal scored in the match: at least Fired from 25 yards, Smola confidently caught the ball.

46 minutes: The second half started, there were no substitutions during the time-out.

45 minutes: Interesting scenes: According to our stopwatch, the referee blew the halftime more than a minute early, maybe even bored.

42 minutes: Also a page in Spara: Janvari he was late midway, I think he stole Kiss, he was honored with a yellow referee from Kárpály.

40 minutes: Tabs instead of locations: Eördögh Stopped Irony midway, yellow card.

32 min: I Think Sieve Bored of the uneventful situation, Márkus tried to sell the penalty next to him in the penalty area, and the referee was shown a yellow card.

26 minutes: after getting the ball stoneware He fired at a height of more than 25 meters.

17 minutes: Balázs Kiss entered sixteen after making a big move on the left baseline, his pass was faulty, but after a bad escape at Nyíregyháza, Eördögh was able to shoot from 7 metres, his attempt was blocked by Jánvári.

15 minutes: We haven’t bit our nails so far, the game continues on the field, the doors are not in danger.

7th minute: Balázs Kiss His pass was deep, and Fejér confidently caught the ball.

The match will be watched on-site by approximately 300 spectators.

A mourning break was given before the start, while the Siófok player’s father, Péter Horváth, who took his place on the small bench, passed away.

1 min: The meeting has begun! Szpari plays in red-blue, Siófok plays in yellow.

We greet our dear readers, the final match of the round will start soon. We’ll see how Nyíregyháza, who hasn’t won in their last three games, will do against Siófok, who won their previous three champions.

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