Thursday , March 4 2021

NB I: U team attacker from Zombathely came to ZTE

Preparing for the spring season of NB I football, ZTE FC announced on its official website that it has signed with Szabolcs Szalay, the NB II Progress youth national team striker. The 18-year-old striker signed the Zalaegerszeg club for two and a half years.


Despite his young age, Szalay competed in 21 second league champions in season one and a half last season and scored a total of two goals – both in the previous season 2019-2020. This season, he was given the opportunity to join the starting team as a member of the starting team five times as a substitute five times.

According to the official website of the Zala club, preparations have already begun with the U19 national forward ZTE.

Arrival: Márkó Futács (Mol Fehérvár, freely verifiable), Kálnoki-Kis Dávid (Bp. Honvéd, freely verifiable), Szabolcs Szalay (Progress)
Those who gave the loan back:
Young people recruited / signed a professional contract:
Going: Dragóner Filip (Szombathelyi Progress as freely verifiable)
They return to their club on loan: Ziga Zivko (Slovenian, NK Nafta Lendava – Slovenia)
They can go /
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