Saturday , January 16 2021

Mr. Puzsr accepts MSZP eligibility proposal unacceptable

The "Thousands Report of the Socialists" said that the whole vote was the "full" vote of Jobbik Prtmdij, the socialists, who accepted the "full" vote of the socialists unpublished yesterday. they don't agree. master

We did it yesterday Tth BertalanMSZP, p Zsolt MolnrIn Budapest, who has contacted us, we are working on how to solve the beginnings. One of the most interesting points in the plan was to get out of control and not be used. Puzsr Rbert One of the most important, versatile online polls. Every time you register, we think that you will always be interested in personal matters and not over the Internet. You could have guessed that the socialist party would not win Puzsr. At the same time, the opposition parties and their politicians also do not agree.

Puzsr elutastja socialist "trkkzst"

"Thousands of Socialists are declaring," according to the humorist Alfahr, in his opinion, unacceptable to the socialist "darl". This was reasonably justified by Jobbik prtmdij:

  • The vote is considered not only personally, but as a reward, but online on the Internet.
  • Detachment will be separated by the MSZP, which will begin to sink into darkness. Puzsr was also boldly prepared if independent civilians organized the event and the results continued. By doing so, the Socialist wants to make a difference.
  • The only exception is counting at least 50,000 fvros. He thinks this is important, so the socialist prttags and activists won't get results.

The humorist "humble" says that it is possible to vote on the credibility of the votes, so that it is possible to vote online in the parliamentary elections in a row, but if it is a political problem, then it will be a technical solution.

Puzsr denied that if the Socialist wanted to defeat the Socialist's will, he would have ’a good reward in the MSZP P and would not have to do so.

He received his master's degree in Corvinus University in Budapest on October 23, 2018. He criticized Rbert Puzsr.Forrs: MTI / Balogh Zoltn

MSZP, DK and Momentum mr pozcikke seftel

Mom I've released the Hungarian Socialist Prt to convince the DK, ”said the Momentum, another citizen, or another party. She left on the humorous side of the page she left yesterday. on the left, they intend to leave severely, not only to the Tarls Istvn, but also to the cleric and the opposing program.The tragic music coming from the people of Budapest, before the government, although MSZP, DK and Momentum mr pozcikat ceftel did not have an accepted program or fz-master-jelltjk, – Puzsr, left elite and left elite of Momentum.

Convince the informal boss master that the opposition must be based on a program and that the opposition strategy must be a small master. Then, he had not shaken the socialists in order not to hurry:

It's hard to believe that taking the violence seriously isn't a beautiful, political flush. I would recommend that you do not act like a wolf! Take me seriously!

Puzsr completed his thoughts.

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