Sunday , October 17 2021

It is clear that there is no mandatory refugee quota: we show the results of the national consultation


Detailed results of the national consultation on life after the coronavirus outbreak were published on on Tuesday. 99 percent of respondents reject the forced distribution of migrants among EU member states, and the same rate favors Hungary, which has the lowest tax on labor on the continent.

Surveys were completed by 1,423,000 people, 83 percent returned by mail, and 17 percent participated in online consultation – included in communication.

96 percent of the respondents agree that a more dangerous period has begun, so Hungary needs to be strengthened.

While 94 percent of respondents say that the minimum wage should be raised as soon as possible, 98 percent think it is important to have family allowances, pensions and lower taxes on labor under constitutional protection.

At the same time, 99 percent say Hungary should have the lowest tax on labor in Europe.

95 percent of counselors support parents getting their children back to the average wage tax level in 2021, and 91 percent say the loan moratorium should be extended to those in need. 98 percent of idea generators said this

Hungary must defend its interests in every debate, and 99 percent agree that large multinational companies must pay for their environmentally damaging activities.

97 percent of respondents agree that the law restricts sexual propaganda against children, and 98 percent say Hungary should resist pressure from Soros organizations.

According to 97 percent of consultants, anyone wishing to enter Hungary from an epidemic-affected country needs a health visa.

At the same time, almost all respondents, 99 percent of consultants, reject forced distribution of immigrants, meaning that almost everyone agrees that immigrants cannot be forced into any country.

Also, 98 percent say the first two years after the epidemic epidemiological migrant stop94 percent support the establishment of the Hungarian vaccine factory.

“The results will lead to decisions that will be of great and tangible help to millions of people. The government has already prepared these decisions and will make them soon,” he said. formulates the announcement of

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