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Index – Inland – A taxi driver came across a British jewel thief in Pécs

At the beginning of September, a taxi driver chased a 28-year-old British citizen who stole a piece of jewelery that was thrown 13 million tons from a shop window in downtown Pécs. After the alarm went off, a taxi driver parked in the car and followed the jewel thief. Records of persecution sent by RTL Club News.

The chase was recorded throughout the vehicle's entire camera, while the taxi driver was in constant contact with the police. The taxi driver was able to keep the eye of the perpetrator in the dark for a relatively long time, but eventually lost his sight. However, the police's work was greatly facilitated and they were allowed to arrest the British man within ten minutes.

The 28-year-old lived in a village in Tolna County and planned to settle in Hungary. The day before the robbery, he came to Pécs and claimed he was planning the theft because he had no money. When he was caught, some of his jewelry was still in his possession, but what he couldn't find was quickly found – just a trace of a gold earring.

In September, Index also reported that a British man broke a window display at a jewelery shop in the center of Pécs with a forced cutter at dawn on September 2, interrupted the interior protection and seized the jewelery from the shop window. According to police release, the man was not disturbed by passers-by.

The criminal is still in custody and the prosecution accuses him of high-value theft. If convicted, he could face up to eight years in prison.

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