Friday , September 17 2021

Index – FOMO – Rúzsa Magdi in triplets: I saw a boy among them

As Index wrote, Magdolna Rúzsa is expecting triplets. On Monday morning, the singer spoke on Radio 1’s Balázsék program about how she experienced living three small lives at once under her heart. Besides the immense joy, she realizes that this is an unusual situation and poses serious difficulties for the parents.

However, this is not an easy situation in all respects. These kids need to be done too, so great care must be taken to make sure everything is okay. Let’s not forget that this is a delicate pregnancy.

The singer added that he had to reconcile a lot now, as many things he had planned before in his life were turned upside down. From changing cars to how you organize chores at home. At the request of Balázsék Sebestyén, she confirmed that she had become pregnant naturally. He added that this could mean that as a singer, he doesn’t have to come off the loop and circulate two or three times if he wants more kids.

I’m at 13 weeks, since there are three your tummy is growing much faster here, so the last period was very difficult for me. Sorry everyone, it rained a lot for me – I prayed for the rain so I could put on my apron because the doctor said don’t mention any other reasons until the Czeizel Institute says everything is fine. That’s why it was very, very difficult for me to pretend that this wife does not exist, because that is why they grow so much. This is amazing stuff.

Rúzsa Magdi also talked about how expecting a baby has affected her job and emphasized that she does not want to give up her concerts because of her pregnancy.

This year’s tour continues at full speed. I’m an active chick

He added that they will stop from October, but will return to the stage next year.

Obviously, triplets cannot be realized for nine months, the goal is to keep them inside for as long as possible. The band and I laughed at the fact that they weren’t worried that I’d be rushing to concerts soon anyway.

The singer jokingly stated that from now on she will have more of her party, and of course she will have to somehow explain to her husband as well. Even if they only go to the Érd.

Of course, the radio was still busy with how a triplet-twin pregnancy could come together spontaneously. In the case of Magdi Rúzsa, such a tendency turned out to be because there was more than one life in her family at the same time, but unfortunately those babies were not born. Balázsek was also wondering if the tiny sex the singer was saying was revealed, it was still unclear, but she saw that there was a boy among the babies, but was able to tell for sure after the next examination. However, he confirmed that the babies are not the same, meaning they will not be completely genetically identical.

We haven’t really seen them yet, so these are still very vague signals because they weren’t somehow reversed when we looked at this. So this will be fully revealed in a later investigation of who is who.

Said Rúzsa Magdi added:

“I saw that there was a child among them, but it will be fine. Let’s say mixed, I think it would be a very good thing.”

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