Wednesday , May 5 2021

Index – Culture – Daniel Craig also returns to Dagger in sequel

After receiving the production rights, Netflix announced that two more episodes have been set for the crime scene starring Dagger, starring Daniel Craig.

The broadcast provider has not revealed how much it has paid for the sequel to the hugely successful movie directed by Rian Johnson. However, the Hollywood news portal has been informed that the amount could approach $ 450 million, making it one of Netflix’s most valuable projects.

He played Detective Craig Benoit Blanc in the movie. The actor will also return in the sequel, and Johnson will sit in the director’s chair. Johnson, who is also the co-producer of Ram Bergman as producer, also wrote the screenplay for the sequel. Filming could begin later this summer.

The original movie was a Media Rights Cable job and Lionsgate won the distribution rights. Viewers paid $ 311.4 million ($ 96 billion) in cinemas worldwide for the $ 40 million ($ 12.3 billion) crime scene, and Johnson received an Oscar in the Best Original Screenplay category.

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