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Index – Abroad – Prince Andrew is so embarrassed he can’t have dinner with Prince Charles


Istvan Bereznay

2021.10.12. 14:00

Prince Andrew has been banned from feasting on a lavish banquet with the heir to the throne, Prince Charles and other royal officials, The Sun reported.

Criminal proceedings are still ongoing against the prince, who was accused of sexual violence by a woman. It seems that all this became very embarrassing for the royal family and they had to intervene.

She was forbidden to have dinner with Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew represented the British Grenade Guards, of which he was a member. However, he was asked to step aside before the meal. He then allegedly ate alone under special circumstances.

He sat at the end of the room, where he was not allowed to eat with his bodyguard. fell out of favor with the royal family

An insider said. But in retrospect, a spokesperson for the royal family also noted that the grenades are officially Roland Walker.

The prince has become so embarrassing lately that no one wanted to play his part, even in the drama about the British royal family.

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