Monday , October 25 2021

In Kiskunhalas, workers demanded payment with an ax and iron shovel.


Armed with an attempt at self-determination, the Kiskunhalas District Attorney’s Office filed charges against local men with axes and shovels to their employer, who was sitting in the car, refusing to pay their wages because the agreed job had not yet been done.

According to the indictment, two men from Kiskunhalas worked on one of their bosses’ farm last July and their employer sent them back at noon. However, the victim did not pay her wages despite her request, on the grounds that she had not yet done the work agreed upon.

Therefore, an argument broke out between them, they started shouting and insulting their employer, who was sitting in the car, then one of them took an iron shovel from the van and smashed the left windshield of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the other man picked up an ax and swung menacingly, raising the possibility that if they still don’t get their money, they’ll smash the car.

Although his bosses insisted on paying only after the job was done, he fled the scene, startled by serious, life-threatening threats. Finally, that evening, he voluntarily paid the workers for the work done.

A few months after the incident, one of the defendants, who had applied to the victim as a temporary worker several times, came to his employer’s property and removed the padlock and took HUF 200,000 worth of machine tools from the warehouse. He handed over some of them to an acquaintance, the third defendant in the case, who, knowing their sinful origins, cashed them in for part of the commission.

The prosecution accuses two men of attempting armed self-determination, and the third of committing organ crime. In addition to self-trial, the accused with a criminal record should also be held liable for the crime of theft, so the prosecutor’s office proposes to sentence him to prison.

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