Thursday , September 16 2021

Hungarian life expectancy falls for first time since regime change

The coronavirus pandemic has not only set a sad record for the death toll to the highest in two decades, but life expectancy has deteriorated to an unprecedented extent.

143,000 people died in the country last year, more than ten thousand compared to recent years. At the same time, life expectancy at birth decreased from 76.16 years in the previous year to 75.52 years in 2020, corresponding to a decrease of 0.64 years. Based on data from the Central Statistics Office, there has never been an instance of such a drastic decline since regime change, reports.

Life expectancy at birth increased by 0.2 years per year prior to the coronavirus outbreak, so the 0.64-year decline is huge. Of course, there has been a similar decline in many European countries where the pandemic has not been brought under control.

However, as can be seen from the death figures in the first months of the year (due to the third wave), 2021 will still bring negative statistics and the outlook for this year is also uncertain (anticipated fourth wave), the portal writes. The second half of the second wave and the third wave are falling this year, so there is a good chance that even more deaths will be included in the statistics this year. And a big question is to what extent postponed surgeries and treatments affect life expectancy in the country.

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