Thursday , June 30 2022

Government's favorite agency enters the market with new Telecom ads


This is the small movie that is seen as a Hungarian destroyer that only sees the first ten seconds.

What someone else is guessing about is Telekom's new commercial, Tipik What is Typical Hungarian?;, But the fluctuations are uncomfortable watching him. The message is that the attack or vacuuming process of the milk bag is not typically Hungarian but an innovation and an example.

An unpublished loyalty review portal in the commercial film "New Telegraph Telecom Advertising" 4 days ago is no longer available and deleted in this article. This may be related to the fact that this ad is the government's most beloved media agency, as is evident in the morning article of the G7 morning. Gyula BalásyLounge Design's first major market layout.

G7, Balasy 's two new companies, Lounge and New Land Media Ltd. writes. state companies.

The lounge says the G7 sources are a government desire for a market that is controlled by the public at least in part by public ad money, but the portal is trying to balance government and market orders. It is also noticed that even larger companies, even foreign companies, can make gestures to the government.

In any case, according to the article, the companies of Balásy are not a big victim, especially if they do something on the table, if they are interested in agency partners. The Telecom order opened the door of Balasys because it could then be presented as a reference. The G7 has been negotiating with other major companies so far.

Campaign, "What is Typical Hungarian?" The campaign is a unique project. Telecom has other agency partners with a longer relationship, but it was necessary because there were no larger partners because Balasys needed it.

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