Friday , May 20 2022

For 50 thousand fors this year we miss this Christmas


Even though most people are not planning to give more Christmas gifts than last year, they will also be a burden on your shopping wallet. The majority of respondents spend an average of 10-50 thousand forints on Christmas gifts, and the shopping in the mall is still more popular than online shopping – with online research from Jófogás.

Instead of 50,000

According to the survey, most users, 38 percent, more than six lovers. The results also revealed that most of the participants (40 percent) were trying to buy 50,000 forints, but a good number (18 percent) only wanted 5-10 thousand forints (or). A quarter of the respondents spend between 50 and 100 thousand, between 8 and 2,000 thousand, and between 4 and 400 thousand 4 percent. Even with a small number (2 percent), even those who spend more than 400,000 on loved ones.

More than half of the fillers (52 percent) do not plan to spend more than last year, but more than ten percent (13 percent) of them, 35 percent have yet to comment.

Plaza continues to hit the web shop

It seems that the crowds, long queues and even stocks that run before our noses do not stop consumers from choosing the classic form of Christmas shopping, the shops. Only 32 percent of this surprise is planning to buy a webshop this year, 68 percent of the shopping will be done.

In addition, it was found that most of the respondents (36 percent) started shopping in early December and many (30 percent) started a gift hunt in the autumn. 16 percent of the week before the holiday, 19 percent of the last minute to agree to leave everything.

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