Friday , October 22 2021

Ferenc Sz kaznyi wins the ten-hour Ironman race in New Orleans


Hungarian Ferenc Sz kaznyi won the ten-hour Ironman race in New Orleans, USA in Decaman USA. The start of this race is about 38 kilometers, 1800 kilometers of cycling and 10 marathon runners or 420 kilometers of running, waiting and practically.

As Ferenc Szliknyi or fans of the Hungarian irony, Racemachine did not disappoint, he was the first to enter the American race with a great advantage, Blikk reported. The swim was completed in the second half of the 16-seat field and was third in the bike after the first marathon, and then to increase its advantage. He ran a full run over almost 222 hours.

Amazing performance of Ferenc SzinnyiSource: HELL Energy

competition did not take place under the most favorable conditions: temperature rose to only 5 degrees, accompanied by intersecting wind and heavy rains, which once had to be broken depending on the conditions of the cudar.

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