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Directory – Sports – Hungary already has a female MMA World Champion


Alexandra Kovács won an amateur world championship in MMA. Zen in this Blood Kempo style (ie, 56.7 kilograms) is the athlete's athlete, the International MMA Association (IMMAF) and a small MMA (WMAAA) World Alliance MMA, which is a five-day amateur MMA in the Gulf of Bahrain. World Championships.

Alexandra Kovács, who lost the peches semi-finals last year, spent Wednesday and Thursday with the Tunisian and Italian opponents of the 2nd TKO and continued the tradition of the finals on Saturday, so the Finnish European champion Janika Antinmaa

Also in Run 2 & # 39;onejust Technical KO RUN could do it.

Little Guards Kempo Club was able to throw the Finnish girl in the first round, but Antinmaa came to the top. This position remained until the end of the study. In the second round, Alexandra Kovács caught his foot on the Finals kick and lowered him to the ground.

The Hungarian girl put her rival in the rider's seat and not only kept her position in the MMA very advantageous, but also stabbed Antinmaa 's resistance with hard fists. Finn finally got out of the blows, but he didn't know how to get out and the screaming judge stopped the match.

How the Hungarian contender survived the cage:

Alexandra Kovács of Facebook:

This miracle is amazing! I still can't believe it … I didn't know I would solve this in the first round, but in the second I was successful with a classic landing and in the last few seconds I was going to finish the TKO to finish the final. I'm so happy!

Although he did not win two awards for a gold and bronze bronze medal for the new world champion, he made his own money and sponsorship with the support of his sponsors and resolved participation in both sponsorship and sponsorship.

The Hungarian team also launched two young racers but were eliminated during the qualifying. Falu Dávid began throwing lightweight (70 kg) with a Russian opponent, while the weight gain (77 kg) Ákos Dénes (77kg) scored the next world champion Jett Grandpa from Canada.

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