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XVI. County: Fidesz wins more than last time

Fidesz-KDNP candidate was Ádám Horváth XVI. district election region, 57-36 percent defeated Momentum candidate – Index was informed. (We're still updating the article with full results.)

The election was chosen because the former representative of the second electorate, Fideszian János Horváth, died. In 2014, Horváth won the region with confidence. Zoltán Vajda's national recognition of the left-wing candidate, who is the author of the 49.7-31.2% was nominated. 9 and 6.6 percent better than LMP.

In addition, Fidesz won all election zones in 2014, so it would be a great surprise for an opposition region. The election did not affect the power of relations between members and companies, but without the victory, the parties were the best.

The 57-36 score means that Fidesz will recover from the year 2014 when it does not exceed the 50 percent limit. Momentum can be relieved by nominating 36% of candidates as outspoken parties, and it can be seen that some of the opposition voters can handle them without any problems.

On Sunday evening, Momentum said: "After the two-thirds victory of Fidesz, there is a great indifference in the country, as seen in the interim elections in 16 today, but Momentum's 36% is difficult. it was a good success with a land and confrontation.

As the results of the parliamentary elections do not break our community, we do not give up, so the result of the 16th election will only inspire us to work harder. There's more work to do.

Ács: Fidesz 100 percent

There was less excitement in the car, it was possible to know the results.

Since he began to work as mayor of István Szentirmai from the fidesz-kdnp, the 100 percent had chosen him as mayor.

There were 5763 voters in the list, 1381 people participated in the survey, 24% of the participation rate. On Sunday, the deputy chairman of the local electoral bureau, Piroska Soós, was named valid 1353 after opening the consonants.

Ács were included in national news several times in the past. In May 2014, the mayor was elected by Bela Lakatos for the first time to criticize Florian Farkas and Viktor Orbán for the first time. In 2015, he left Fidesz for Orbán's Gypsy talk.

In 2018, Momentum started third in the parliamentary elections and was third. At that time, the representative body voted him on condition to change his behavior. Lakatos fell last June because he saw his personality bad for the settlement.

Following the election of MTI, István Szentirmai firstly said that he wants to meet the real estate situation of the settlement, so he will review the management of the last few years with an independent auditor group and he wants to get an idea of ​​whether the technical content of the paid investments is sufficient.

(Cover photo: On July 8, 2018, Johns Bókay voted for the Mayor of Józsefváros in the Vocational High School of BVHSZC. photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)

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